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Challenges The TTT (Twisted Triple Threat)


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Hello everyone and today I am going to present the Twisted Triple Threat.

Huge thanks to @J-savage for the original idea and @Ashez for reposting it, and @billy2shots for the twisting ideas.


The Twisted Triple Threat

So, the objective is to score 1500 goals with 3 players, wait, not 3 players, it’s going to be 1500 goals with 30 players, YES, 30!


So, each trio must score 150 goals before you move them on, after that season where you reach 150 goals with the trio you will need to announce (obviously no need if you’re not doing it on Vibe) the next trio.


I think this twister of a challenge is very fun because it opens up to players that you might never use.



  1. Own Formations Only

  2. No use of editors, unlockables and players created

  3. Original Databases

  4. No cheating

  5. Photo Evidence (Career Maybe?)

  6. No unlockables unless earnt on the save

  7. No International Goals will be counted

  8. You can use evogens

If there’s any questions please ask me, and as usual if this challenge has any holes please tell me as I will be attempting this myself.



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Any reason why the target is 2000 and not 1500 like the original TT? I've started this challenge but the 200 goal target each round is starting to put me off lol. Mainly because that will almost always take two full seasons whereas 150 could be 1/1.5 seasons. 

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1500 has a reason to be there while 2000 is more difficult and my issue with it more time consuming lol. I wanted to do this to use different players but after 5/6 pairs I'd be forced into regens which I don't enjoy etc. Saving 5 seasons for the sake of 500 goals in this type of save really appeals to me, this is more for fun compared to the challenge/achievement aspect of the original TT to me if that makes sense? 

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