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Tactics 4-2-3-1 help


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still having problems scoring goals loads of attempts and possession but still no luck is there anything you guys would change on my 4-2-3-1



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If you want a 4231 check out my tactic

if you just want help then

IF's are useless this year use wingers, DLP is better than BWM because they move a lot while the DLP is like an anchor, and short passing is better for retaining possession

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My Schalke04 squad finished second in their first season using primarily a d4231 (two mid fielders playing deep rather than central) with Goretzka as a BBM and Geiss as DLP, Sam and Sane as wingers and Choupo-Moting as a poacher (Huntelaar was washed up, so I sold him). When playing teams who "park the bus," i changed at least one winger to an INF and the striker to a DLF. As with previous versions of the game, however, no formation works forever and the other teams begin to "figure you out." So, i mixed the d4231 with a variation of Aangca's 4312 (3-1-0), a 3412 (2-0-0), and a variation of PriZe's ZIV  that offsets the striker left and the APM right that i call the "Cobra." (7-2-3). d4231 went 22-4-0,. i also threw in two matches with PriZe's Black Pearl (1-1-0) and an a4231 (draw).

This season, we are 20-2-1 using the a4231 (two matches using the Cobra= 2-0-0), which has the defensive MFs in central mf. It has us in first, seven points clear of Buyern, but it's beginning to falter in early December. i am still playing the MFs as BBM/DLP.

                                                       a4231                                                                                         d4231

                                                         X (P)                                                                                              X (P)

                          X (W)                      X  (APM)                 X (W)                                     X (W)                X (P)                     X (W)

                                             X (DLP)                 X (BBM)                                                             


                                                                                                                                                  X (DLP)               X (BBM)

                        X (WB)         X (CD)                  X (CD)    X (WB)                                   X (WB)     X (CD)               X (CD)  X (WB)  


                                                       X (GK)                                                                                                  X (GK)


                                                                                                           X (DLF)     

                                                                                           X (INF)                     X (APM              X (W)


                                                                                                           X (BBM/APM)


                                                                                                                           X (BBM)


                                                                                        X (WB)      X (CD)      X (CD)               X (WB) 


                                                                                                                   X (GK) 


The most important factor is still, it seems to me, having the right players to play the formation. I would love for some of you to play around with the cobra and see what tweaks might make it more effective.  -HHM-              

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