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7 hours ago, DIRECTFX said:

Only problem I had is that this site/forums never showed up in my searches for help for this game. I would never have known to search vibe for FMM help.  I used numerous terms and need to include football manager mobile to sort thru the huge amount of videos/forums dedicated to PC versions. I was on YouTube, sega, fm this and that but finally found here by chance reading an old post about tactics for like 2014 version with a link here. I hope somehow when a person types in searches for FMM 16 help/tactics/guides/players etc that you can get this site to pop up .... Just letting you know my experience and it might help get more users with some words included to help search engines .. Spread the Word 

SEO is quite good for the site as we hit the first page in Google for Football Manager Mobile. Name doesn't influence that as you have companies like Sky which you wouldn't know were broadband and TV from their name.

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