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Overpowered sugar daddy


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I was offered sugar daddy on the day after my last game of the third season while playing with Sporting, saved the game before accepting, and received €221M. A few weeks later the new season started and I received another €221M. It seems to me that sugar daddy might be a little over powered compared to what I have experienced earlier games. Does anyone have any other experience of sugar daddy in 2016?

This one time, I actually reloaded the game and turned the offer down, this kind of money would just take the fun out of the game.


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I thought it was more unrealistic that i had won the league and Champs league, plus other cups, for 4 seasons running but was still getting £30m transfer budget with Liverpool? Since i unlocked SD at least £125m seems about right for the league and Champ holders imho. IRL Liverpool have spent that much in a season without winning anything.

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