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Challenges The Rank Escalator


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The Rank Escalator

Hi this is Halamadrid coming to you with a very interesting challenge to attempt which took me a while to thought of.



Based on the latest FIFA World Rankings,the following are the top 10 countries:


  1. Belgium
  2. Argentina
  3. Spain
  4. Germany
  5. Chile
  6. Brazil
  7. Portugal
  8. Colombia
  9. England
  10. Austria


When you're starting this save,you must load 4 leagues,England and Spain are primary,while the other 2 are your choice(but it has to have clubs playing in the UEFA Champions League). You can start with any club,but most preferably,a club playing in the Champions League.


As you can see from the rankings,Austria are ranked 10th.What you need to do is,sign an Austrian player for your club and have him play the Champions League Final and win it. The Champions League must be won before you move on,which brings us to the next segment.


After you won the Champions League,you must switch clubs,and from the rankings you can see England are at No.9,so you you need to do the same,move to a club which plays in the UCL,buy an English player and have him play and win the Champions League final.


After that,you would need to continue up the rankings until you have won the Champions League with players from the countries in the Top 10 of the world rankings. Thus meaning you would have to spend this career with 10 different clubs.



  • You can't use 2 players at the same time
  • Players of a required nationality already at the club doesn't count
  • No cheating
  • No unlockables
  • Own tactics only
  • Screenshot evidence (career thread)
  • Good luck ;) 





This is Halamadrid ®


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