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Career Ashez & His Triple 1000 Goal Challenge!


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Ashez & His Triple 1000 Goal Challenge

Before i begin i need to explain something, i'm posting this way before i want to as my hand has been forced by all the Brazilian TT and such popping up over the coming days. Usually i strive to be unique but it looks like i'm not the only one with big ideas this year. I've invested a lot of time into this career via testing and actually playing the career and i'm enjoying it so much that i don't want to bin it. 

The Plan

As i've already revealed by the title i'm going for three 1000 goal challenges at the same time! That's 3000 goals split between three strikers so they have 1000 goals each! Madness i know! 

The History

Once upon a time when the 1000 goal challenge was the biggest thing on Vibe i headed to Brazil with two French strikers called Niang and Mayi. The aim of this challenge wasn't to beat the double trouble challenge but for each striker to score 1000 goals each! After a gruelling career i achieved my aims and it's one of my proudest achievements on Vibe. 

One of my next big goal challenges was the Triple Threat where i became the first person on Vibe to complete the challenge. My Inception save was a massive undertaking in 2014 and i believe it started the popularity of the challenge on Vibe in 2015. 

I'd already achieved the 2k split between two players so it was only natural after my TT attempt in Portugal that i'd start thinking about heading to Brazil and i did do some tests last year. However my Inception save was the reason i felt it was achievable at all. 

Inception's Stats

Played: 2739
Scored: 2467

In Portugal i managed an impressive amount but it was still short of the 3k i'm looking to achieve now. 

Striker Break Down

Berardi: 1211
Djurdjevic: 686
Rolan: 582

As you can see Berardi smashed the challenge but that was my aim that year, to get Berardi to as high as i could. If i was smarter i do believe i could have changed some things during the challenge and possible seen Djurdjevic also claim the 1kc, if not get close at least.

What Does This Show?

This career back in 2014 shows i am onto something, granted i am nowhere near the 3k but there are some things worth thinking about.

1. These stats include no ITN results

International goals are a massive way to boost a challenge and this time i will have to include them into my tallies if i have any chance of completion. 

2. These results are from Portugal and not Brazil. 

Brazil brings the SPSC to the table which is a fantastic place to get goals but let's not forget the Brazilian league also offers around 10-20 extra games a season compared to Portugal. In short over say a 18 year career i could potentially have 180-360 games more which is a massive amount and also not including any international games! In short just by going to Brazil and being willing to use international results to my advantage i'm opening the door to hundreds more matches for my golden trio to score in. 

3. This time my goal is the 3k, this means i can work and plan accordingly. 

In my Inception save i focused on Berardi as he was the most fun to use, but on this save i can't afford to have favourites, i need to keep the 1k each in mind for the entire career. The plan is the second one of them breaks one thousand is to make them more of a supportive striker which should enhance the strikers remaining, i'll be keeping all three as strikers at all times but their roles will be changing. 

The Math

Brazil is a goal scoring country and here is some math to show how crazy i am.

3000 / 3 = 1000 / 20 = 50

If my strikers manage to score 50 goals a season each for 20 season they will hit the target. however it is worth keeping in mind that means i need a seasonal target of 150 goals! 

3000 / 3 = 1000 / 12.5 = 80

If the trio could score 80 each a season (240 goals) they could have it wiped out in around 12 seasons including ITN! However if one or two hit this mark each year they will be completed so i can focus on the remaining strikers. Let's be honest 80 each is unreasonable but we can hope that at least one of these strikers hits this mark every year so we can cross him off asap. 

As you can see we're talking high scoring seasons and we'll need to hit high numbers most seasons but injuries and what not will take a toll. My original target i would like to hit is around 160 a season, just high enough to slowly chip away at those 20 years for the 150 goals a season model. However here i am thinking about club results and not taking into account things like international management which will also chip away at the targets as the seasons continue. 

It's likely clear to see i've put a lot of thought and effort into this challenge already and i also put just as much time into selecting the strikers i wanted to use so let's meet our 3k candidates.  

The Strikers

The Right Forward


Unfortunately Barbosa was an obvious choice, normally i like to stay away from the known wonderkids but this idea is that big that i knew i needed that extra quality. Due to his known quality however i've decided to have him on the right side, this means he won't be my main striker. For anyone wondering i have spoke to Brenty and made sure he's okay with this. 

The Central Striker


Hopefully Evandro will be the star of the show as he's more of my own find, no favouritism i promise!  Not all the greens of Barbosa but he has everything he needs to score for fun! His physical stats are also amazing, that stamina should mean he can play the massive number games needed for him to destroy this challenge.

The Left Forward


Jesus was another easy decision as he's a quality young striker that has everything he needs. I feel like Jesus will be the last striker standing as i focus on Evandro and with Barbosa's quality so hopefully he's got it in him to last till the end! I have spoke to Lee who also started using Jesus and he said i was fine to continue with him.

Ending Statement

I've explained my intentions and revealed my biggest plan of the year so i hope you can enjoy this even though the site is overrun with Brazilian based careers at the moment. I've been working on this a while and hopefully it does enough to stand out in the crowd. Due to the other challenges i've decided to only focus on the 3k on this save and i'll largely be ignoring the other challenges i could complete (TT, DT etc) until the end of the career. Brazil is a slog and this isn't my only save but i'll do my best to update as often as possible, i have enough played to get this started but playing wise my Pele and Rivaldo career is my top priority at the moment. 

Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.

Remember.....The Goals Are Coming!!

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Glad to see you've finally posted this mental idea! It's been eating me alive for the best part of a week ? as always good luck wishes are due so good luck buddy!

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3 hours ago, Risheek said:

So this is what you have been up to. Good Luck. Nothing wrong in it, but now there are 3/4 Careers with Gabigol. He's in demand

Thanks, Barbosa has hardly been touched in years, then this year he's everywhere! Very strange lol.


1 hour ago, PriZe said:

Pff mediocre attempt :P

finally it posted! Good luck m8 i know how much you invested in this and wish you all the best in achieving this! Madness here we come!!! :D

It's not as mad as Messi going for a 1k in fairness :P. Cheers mate :) 


1 hour ago, Risheek said:

Ashez, is Mr. Crazy. King of insane and Demi-God of FMM. he'll do it

You guys are lucky you don't see all my failed attempts at things lmao. Unless you follow my what have I been playing series obviously :) 


1 hour ago, tomppasson said:

Cant wait for this :)Three times 1k challenge? Pure madness!

Thank you very much :D. The 1kc is my baby, I bloody love that challenge and it seemed like the natural progression :D 


27 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

Glad to see you've finally posted this mental idea! It's been eating me alive for the best part of a week ? as always good luck wishes are due so good luck buddy!

My heart sank when I saw your career lmao, I don't think I've ever been so nervous sending a PM lol. Thank you for your support and for allowing me to continue :D 

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32 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

It's not a problem mate if it weren't for you, half of us wouldn't have motivation to post trust me! Can't wait for the first update

Kind words, it's brought full circle though as I wouldn't play never mind post FMM with out the support from everyone here. I can and often do hate the game but I love this community always :D. 

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57 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Kind words, it's brought full circle though as I wouldn't play never mind post FMM with out the support from everyone here. I can and often do hate the game but I love this community always :D. 

The community could well be the best thing about FMM ? oh and hidden gems ?

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56 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

The community could well be the best thing about FMM ? oh and hidden gems ?

I'm sure even the community has hidden gems! Get involved lads ;) 

45 minutes ago, Peely said:

That is certainly a challenge and a half. If anyone can do it you can, but I don't envy you. You know my views on the Brazilian League :O 

Good luck.

Oh the grind is going to be tough! It's took me three years to face Brazil again but so far I'm enjoying it. Hopefully my other save will help break it up but it's not going to be easy lol. 

You guys are the best motivation there is so keep leaving those comments as each one Spurs me on! 

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It's going okay, been a little under the weather last few days :(. I started an update the other day but couldn't finish it :(. 

I have been making real progress with the save though, been really smashing the seasons out so the updates should flow once I feel better :) 

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

Haha, to make up for it I'll make my first update a double header! 

I was only messing about but brilliant!! Can't wait pal ?

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49 minutes ago, PriZe said:

Every day that goes by without an update means 100 goals added to your target :P


Anyone who can play in Brazil that fast needs to get out more :P. I'm worried about burning out so I'm not forcing it at all tbh. So far it's been great to play but we'll see how I feel 8- 12 seasons deep lol. Just takes so long to get anything done! 

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Just about to turn the PC on now :), got to sort some images out and get ready then I'll work on it :). Likely be up in the next hour or two :D 

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Ashez & His Triple 1000 Goal Challenge
Seasons One & Two

As promised i will be posting a double update today to make up for me not posting anything since the opening post, unfortunately i've been ill but i finally feel well enough so let's get this started! 

Season One

I've always said the beauty of FMM is it can be as deep as you want it to be, by this i mean you can make the game over complicated like many do or you can keep it simple. I've always championed keeping it simple but at times i do think outside the box if it's going to give me an advantage which is exactly what i've done with this save. 

It's a little known fact that you can alter the starting date of the databases on the league select menu and i did this on this save by selecting Portugal's starting date instead of Brazil's. Why would i do this i hear you ask? Well by loading Brazil's starting date i will be starting the save in the middle of the league season before the usually starting SPSC! This is a massive advantage for multiple reasons, firstly it gives me a bonus 31 games but most importantly it means when i head into the SPSC in the second season my players will be settled, adapted to my tactics and the game charger is they'd have spent a few months under intensive training! No missed games when i try and sign them in the normal starting date, a bonus 31 games and the players already starting to improve, it felt like a no brainer! 

When loading the game in this way you miss half of the season before the normal starting date so let's take a look at where the game left me to start off this massive adventure! 

The Starting Point



The League


Not a bad start at all as we're only six points off sitting at the top of the table, hopefully we'll be able to turn this around. 


As Barbosa was already in my starting squad he started with a history for this season, we need to remember to remove these figures from his end of season totals. 


A solid enough start, to be honest i was happy he did do too amazing as it should make tying him down to a new dealer easier. 






Only the strikers, a new keeper and a godly CM were added to the club in this window. 




I just cleared out the squad to get the money i needed to bring in my desired targets. 


Half Season review


Unfortunately we were unable to win the only competition we were in during this half season. 

League Table


I had to destroy the squad a little too much so towards the end we burnt out hard, hopefully i'll be able to address this issue in the coming seasons. 

The Main Event



For now i'll only show the results, in the second part of this update i'll also include the stats. 



A massive start for the young Brazilian as he smashes in almost a goal a league game! Just think what he could do to the SPSC!



Looks impressive until you remember to remove the 12 goals from before we started, only 21 goals for this wonderkid in season 1. 



Jesus took a while to find his feet but once he did he scored for fun, one in two is fantastic going in the league in my opinion.


Season Two





This window was all about adding quality depth to the squad while also bringing in players i knew i could move for a profit (hence the free transfers and loan based squad players). To keep the three in Brazil i knew i'd need plenty of cash to keep them happy so i started working on a little talent factory as soon as i could. Assane Gnoukouri was the last player i brought in as i had the money spare and he turns out to be one hell of a signing! seriously check him out, the next Yaya or even Pogba imo! Horn was also a very surprising and nice addition as i managed to pick him up for dirt cheap due to him being transfer listed, actually all my smaller purchases were transfer listed players if i remember correctly. 


With the amount i spent it's clear to see i decided to clear out more of the original squad to make way for my own players. 



No one really was a massive loss


Season Review


A solid season as we bring home the treble! 

A More Detailed Look





Too many draws but a solid season overall! 

Champions League


That was some intense final!



Some stupid defeats but the main thing is we scored for fun and qualified.



The Club World Championship
Some Added Spice


Messi wouldn't have liked that! Did either show up in the final though?


Barbosa outshines Messi but Alex Song of all players causes the damage!


Song even confirms our defeat by scoring the winning penalty :@. 

I'm still not sure if i'm proud of this performance or disappointed lol, it was one emotional ride i know that much! 


Team Performances






Average rating


As you'd expect

Manager Profile


Interesting to see the SPSC doesn't count as a cup :@


The Main Event




Solid shooting and that stamina really comes in handy! The other two like getting tired but this guy runs for days!



A massive start for Evandro! Let's hope he can keep this up and that it wasn't just a one off!




Already scoring at international level, this is massive!



10 more than he played is brilliant going! 




I love him :D



A very even season for the youngster, he struggled at times but his quality is finally starting to show. Ideally i'd like the goals more even between the three so hopefully Jesus steals a few off the other two in the coming seasons. 


Played: 101
Scored: 116
Remaining: 884

Played: 95
Scored: 95
Remaining: 905

Played: 101
Scored: 72
Remaining: 928

For 1.5/2 seasons played i have to say i am delighted with this start! Evandro has taken the challenge by storm and Barbosa is being as good as ever, unfortunately international games are already taking a toll on him though. Jesus is a fair bit behind the other two but now he's got the stats to match his ability hopefully he can catch up. 

That's it for my first update of this career and i hope you all appreciate it's a double one! Was all going smoothly until i realised my season two images were still on my Ipod, twenty bloody mins for all my images to transfer to my PC! Anyway as always thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment. 

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Excellent stuff Ash! Really enjoyed that double update. Makes me tempted to start a challenge but I don't think I've got the time!

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Great start mate, I'm sure they'll kick on from now! I'm quite shocked you sold Alison though btw ? he's been one of my best performers behind the 3 strikers lol

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2 hours ago, Condo said:

Excellent stuff Ash! Really enjoyed that double update. Makes me tempted to start a challenge but I don't think I've got the time!

Thanks mate, there are plenty of smaller less time consuming challenges on Vibe :) 

2 hours ago, Brenty92 said:

Great start mate, I'm sure they'll kick on from now! I'm quite shocked you sold Alison though btw ? he's been one of my best performers behind the 3 strikers lol

I think my replacements did fine :P 

2 hours ago, Zkleeds said:

why is barbosa on 95 goals? Surely 107

My bad...just seen above. Sorry

No worries :) 

Thanks for the comments lads :) 

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Nice start, I look forward to the next update.

Also really clever use of the start date. I usually just use it to get the earliest possible start date, and maybe get two more weeks of IT and doing transfers.

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