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Career The Ultimate Showdown : A H2H2H2H2H


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The Ultimate Showdown : A H2H2H2H2H


Hi everyone,this is Halamadrid and today marks the opening of a miraculous journey which is going to span for the next few months.



As the title suggests otherwise,this is a H2H. No big deal,eh? But wait… there 5 heads,I wondered what does that means…? If you’re smart enough,you could've noticed that this is not only a H2H involving 2 members,it's involving 5….


Before revealing any names (I'm the first one ;) ), I would like to thank the other 4 members participating in this for responding ever so quickly to my requests of starting this amazing career.




Fine,I'm not holding back anymore,these five are the one and only @halamadrid@DSW, @Brenty92 @dutchfmh @Risheek





In this epic journey,we'll be completing short challenges one at a time and I will reveal the challenges at the same rate as the progress,so don't expect fast paced updates. If you have problems being patient,it is best advised for you to skip this career,but if you insist then what can I do ;) ? 


Oh yeah,what's a H2H2H2H2H without the points system? After everyone has posted the results of a specific challenge,I'll be updating the Leaderboard for your entertainment.


Challenge #1

From Something to Nothing

A Greyed Out Striker Challenge


The first challenge is an easy one,you pick a greyed out Striker from your team and have him score as many as you can with that striker. Simple as that.


We actually tested this before we actually attempted in and realised that the fact scoring more than 30 is an uphill task for a greyed out striker.

How we thought of attempting this challenge,is another story,it's a long one but I'll make it short,we were all thinking about how every season a new challenge will be named after a Premier League player,like the Harry Kane Game or the Vardy Challenge(coming soon I guess) etcetera. And that was when came the moment,when we all decided that we should do it with a shadow player and vice versa.


We all agreed to do it with the same club and spent an hour or so discussing the choice of league and club,after reaching some agreements,we started our saves respectively.


The League


Good old Italy is the best country for finding ‘shadow’ players.


The Club


The fallen giants AC Milan (Which DSW has an obsession of)


Our chosen striker and seasonal progress will be posted soon lads,stay tuned :) 

This is Halamadrid ®

Edited by halamadrid
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Half season update.


The man in question.


Palumbo should progress quite well under IT, let's take a look...


As you can see he's made decent enough progress in all the right places!

The supporting cast.

Transfers out.



New additions



Quite a solid window even if I do say so myself ? biggest signing - Sofiane Feghouli (9mil, what a steal!)

My chosen tactic.



Now I know what some of you may say, too many attacking/supportive roles in the squad and a lack of defensive core but the aim is goals so I'm not too bothered about that ?

The main event!

So, I'm 6 months in and here's the tally...


Not too bad, a little over a goal a game so I'm pleased thus far ?

Im certain he'll need to pick it up to beat the others but only time will tell!


As you can see, he's not majorly consistent as he had a run of three games without a goal before smashing in 12 in 6 games ??

Added extras.



I know it's a friendly against a poor side but still! 


What an eventful 47 minutes for the young man ? missed the juve game off the back of this.


And that's it for my first instalment, hope you guys have enjoyed it, don't forget to leave a comment letting me know what you think ? The Ultimate Showdown is underway! ? good luck fellas!

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Mid-season Update

With everyone posting mid season updates I might as well follow the trend :P, although I dont have some particular screenshots so I'll just make this update simple. 

The Chosen Striker


Some pretty decent Stats there….


The Reinforcements






The Tactic 


Too mainstream,don't you think? ;) 

The League

Unfortunately there is no screenshot of the league table at the start of January but I do remember we were a few spots off the top.


De Lucia, How many did he scored?



A convincing run thus far,but can he continue it?

How his attributes looked like after 6 months of IT... 



That's it for now,stay tuned for the seasonal update :) 

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47 minutes ago, leecutler said:

Looks like a epic journey for you guys, don't take this the wrong way but can't stand mid season updates but each to there own 

I have my TT to do at the same time so you can blame me for the mid season updates ? didn't want to invest all my time in one and then the other, rather do a bit on both throughout the day, sorry bud haha

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Hey  guys its me dutchfmh,

Today i'm gonna present my greyed out striker challenge.


First lets start with the striker,

Giacomo Bordin

Stats at the start of the season:


Stats at the end of the season:


Those stats are great if you ask me.


How many did he score?



To inconsistend for my liking, and my tactic just wasn't working











The league did not work at all for me.


Luckily we won the italian cup.

This was it for my try, not amazing but im satisfied with the results.


That was it for me thnx for reading and see you next time.


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Right. So I'm late. And I'm sorry lol. Been busy and since I'm outta town. Finding wifi is difficult. 

Now. This ain't no mid-season update! It's a full season one. 

Now. Before we begin. The reason I asked for Milan was because it had been a long  time I'd played with em. When I arrived. I could see why they were struggling. It's a broken squad tbh.  I didn't make wholesale changes. But here we go. 



Now. I didn't really like El Shawrawy much. And I really needed a guy who could provide assists. So Tonny and Leon came in to do just that. 

So who's my player? 


Looks decent. And with a bit of training...... 


Amazing I'd say for a shadow player. 

Now. Here's the main thing. 







Yep. Won em both comfortably. Juve were threatening at the start. But we were no match for the other teams of Italy! 

So how did Provenazo do? 


Very nice. More than a goal a game. Excellent progress there. At least my goals to game ratio is the best amongst us. ?





That's it for now! Cheers for viewing. And stay tuned! 


Edited by DSW
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Gonna keep this short and sweet.



Clean sweep of domestic awards for me and the young lad! 


The league was very tight as you can see, any one team of us, Juve and Napoli could have snatched it on the last day.


Won the cup final, was closer than I would have liked with us conceding 2 late goals but we got there in the end.


You can't go wrong with a hat-trick can you ??


The growth here was immense!

On to the main event, how did Palumbo the Italian powerhouse do??


that's a good sign ?


And there you have it, averaged a goal a game all season, that's a striking masterclass if you ask me!! ?

Unlucky Dev, you're 1 goal down on my tally lol

thats it for my update, see you all again soon! 

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So lads. The End of Season Update


Here it goes…


Serie A




How Did De Lucia Done?


His Stats at the end of the Season 


The Scoring Chart


The Assists Chart


End Note

This first challenge was surely an enjoyable one,although to be frank I've done a bit less better than the other lads :(, but hopefully I can even the scores during the next challenge which will be posted soon.

Next Post - Leaderboard after Challenge 1

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On 12/13/2015 at 16:02, Brenty92 said:


Unlucky Dev, you're 1 goal down on my tally lol

thats it for my update, see you all again soon! 

Man. I'm crying already! ?

At least I've made sure I'm not last haha

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1 hour ago, Risheek said:

Yeah, it is


1 hour ago, Brenty92 said:

Great going lads, it's harder than i thought to get grey strikers to bang in the goals don't you think?

It is indeed. Till Jan he was cruising! Scored 24 in 17... Then the goals dried up.. I had to scrap through  in the end to get above 40 



Edited by DSW
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After Challenge 1 


So,with everyone ready completing Challenge 1,it's time to reveal the Leaderboard.


But first,the Points System :

1 point for every goal
35 points for TIM cup
50 for Serie A
20 for top goalscorer in League


Average Rating:

8-8.5: 5points
8.6-9: 10 points
9.1-9.5:15 points
9.6-10: 50 points



The Leaderboard (After Challenge 1) 

Brenty92 - 149 Points

DSW - 148 Points

Risheek - 143 Points

Halamadrid - 138 Points

dutchfmh - 63 Points


Next Post - Challenge 2

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