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This is probably the best i have done so far on any handheld version of football manager in the first season


Season 2015/16

Season Objective: Serious promotion challenge

Transfers In: Matty Blair 75k (Mansfield)


Chris Clements 75K (Mansfield)

Jaanai Gordon Loan (West Ham)

Daniel Agyei Loan (Burnley

Transfers out: 

Danny Hollands 130k (Colchester)


Formation and Tactics:




End of season

League Table



Star Player:




End of season Stats:







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Season 2016/17

Board expectations: Respectable league position

Transfers in:

Abdoulaye Cisse (Free)

Kevin Mbabu (Free)

Lorenzo Burnet (Free)

James Weir (Free)

Jack Barmby (Free)

Henry Jones (Free)

Connor Ripley (Free)

Anton Forrester (Free)

Stuart Moore (Free)

Josh Wakefield (Free)

Raheem Hanley (Free)

Michael Cain (Free)

Marcel Donadel (Free)

Lots of players bought into the squad with quiet a few of them going out on loans

Transfers out:

Conor Chaplin (Sheff Wed - 120K)

Kyle Bennet (Barnet - 22K)

Michael Doyle (Free)

Brandon Haunstrup (Free)

Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain (Free)

Michael Poke (Free)

Gareth Evans (Free)

Chad Field (Free)

Ben Tollitt (Free)

Paul Jones (Free)

Rommy Boco (Free)

Ben Davis (Free)

Nigel Atangana (Free)

Chris Clements (Free)

Stuart Moore (Loan)

James Weir (Loan)

Raheem Hanley (Loan)

Josh Wakefield (Loan)

Tom Keenan (Loan)



Swansea (H) 0-2 L

Hull (H) 3-0 W

Man City (A) 2-6 L

Didnt really expext to get much from the Swansea and Man City games so not to dissapointed, Happy with the 3-0 win over hull city.

Next update will be half wa through the season to see how we are getting on

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Season Update

League Table


Top of the league after 24 games which aint to bad really we are not taking this league by storm like we did league 2 but i didnt really expect to and definatly didn't expect to be top of the league.

The whole squad are chipping in with the goals but Matty Blair is leading the goals scored with 12 league goals in 24 and 16 in all comps



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End of season 2

League Table


We did it again 2 league titles in 2 seasons very happy with this also over 100 points again we did have some competition this season as the other top 3 teams all have over 90 points

Manager profile after 2 seasons


Top goal scorer was once again Matty Blair he didnt do aswell a last season but non the less still managed to get 22 league goals


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9 hours ago, Jason Cooper said:

Great work.mate. Did you play forrerster as dlf

Thanks and yes i did play him as DLF 

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Season 2017/18

Board objective: fight bravely against relegation

My objective: Easily stay clear of relegation


Players in



Players Out


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I managed 11 seasons as Portsmouth manager, got them to premier league in 6 seasons and the champion league, had a string of bad results and they sacked me, keep hold of jack barmby as he becomes really good

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