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Career Toji's Unemployed Challenge !


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Hello everybody !

Liam1872 just motivated me so much with his story (http://vibe.community/forums/topic/33313-the-unemployed-challenge-v20/?page=1) that I've made myself creating a new career and taking the Unemployed Challenge too !

I was really amazed when, out of nowhere on google, I found this topic, on this website (which I didn't know about). I'm reading this topic from top to bottom with great interest : THAT'S WHAT I WANNA DO !
Well, maybe not winning the Champions League with such a lot of clubs but at least win this competition and get a World classe reputation.

So I started unemployed with these leagues, in this order :
England, France, Spain, Italy.

At start, 4 vacant jobs :
Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and... the only club : Swindon. It was on!

I got accepted right away and started directly in league 1 (yay) and with a lot of money (25 Millions € !!).
I don't understand why I got such an amount. I got a message when I signed : Swindon drives on gold! (word to word translation from french, i d'ont know the exact sentence).

I didn't recruit anyone since I got 3 players on loan (1 defender that I bought during the season to be sure to keep him and 2 others including a nice scorer).

During the season I got eliminated in each cup : 
- JPT South : Lost the final
- Capital One : Lost early
- FA Cup : Lost against Man City (away) by only 2 - 1! 

I was kind of happy with this last one since I lead 0 - 1 at half-time.

I finished 8th with the same point as 6th and 7th... Only goalaverage made me lose :(

I guess I need better strikers since I didn't lose from too much goals.
I wanted a AMR and a CM too as I could better provide the strikers.

I found what I needed with two greaaaat players to play in League 1 : 

Zivkovic (Ajax) :


Iuri Medeiros (Sporting Portugal (B)) : 


These two players were on transfer list so it's been easier to have my offers accepted but still ! So proud :)
Now I'm actually 3rd but with some games to play. I could be first :


That's all about it so far.
I'm not going to play much this weekend because I work for the football Euro 2016 and tomorrow is quite a biiiiiiiig day !

Next update on monday I guess !
Thanks for reading.


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10 hours ago, halamadrid said:

Isn't there a rule which states you must start in Vanarama North/South? 

And I believe you have switched on Sugar Daddy. 

Must be league 2 or lower

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Oh, I didn't notice that.
Maybe I'll start again though.

If I start in France I only have 3 league levels. What does the rule says about it ?

Sugar Daddy is the thing about the rich owners right ?
I couldn't see Swindon in a list on the web but I may have been on this case...

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OK, thanks, all of you :)

I found this option, I deactivated Sugar Daddy that I unlocked by playing with Monaco.

So I started a nex career and waited to have a League 2 position offered. Result : Cambridge.
I'll post tomorrow some screenshots.

Is it Ok to take the Challenge with Cambridge ? :)

Have a nice day! 

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1 hour ago, Toji said:

OK, thanks, all of you :)

I found this option, I deactivated Sugar Daddy that I unlocked by playing with Monaco.

So I started a nex career and waited to have a League 2 position offered. Result : Cambridge.
I'll post tomorrow some screenshots.

Is it Ok to take the Challenge with Cambridge ? :)

Have a nice day! 

Yes mate that's fine, you can do the challenge with whoever and however you want it's just if you complete it by starting at a club above league 2 or with any unlockables on you won't go on the leaderboard that's all

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Just to clarify which teams I'd like to win Champions League with : 

Manchester City
Manchester United

Atlético Madrid
Real Madrid




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Just wandering, some clubs have no managers at a moment in the season, is it possible to ask for a job at these clubs ? Or do I need clubs to ask for me ?
I just want to make sure that I match the rules :)


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Screenshots in English ? 
I play in french, and it seems I can't change the language once the save is started.
I may change the currency but it's going to be really hard to play by changing that every time I want to make a screenshot.

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Hello guys,

I haven’t had too much time to post an update due to a lot of work but now it's good! Here's the story!

I managed to play 3 seasons so far, so I’ll make it short enough (without too much screenshots) to make this quite readable.
So I got Cambridge, in League 2 with a bad position after 7 games :



I lost in all cups really early, even the JPT :







And on top of that, one of my best’s striker got injured for 3 months :



Everything was going better with some nice wins and, for January I got the manager of the month award :



This convinced me I was doing great but the next weeks became horrible and I kept losing (even against the really inferior teams) and from the 4th place in February I ended up 11th on May.
It was better than expected by the direction at start but still, I’m a bit disappointed :



For a new season, I got the motivation and a great striker from my reserve team.
First Capital One Cup game and it’s already making me sad :



And then, out of nowhere, Coventry knocked on my door :



League 1 and 5th place after 3 games. I managed to have a loan from 3 of my Cambridge players who helped to do a good season.
A Goalkeeper which didn’t go so well with my first Coventry season (you’ll see after), a right defender that my direction disapproved but now loves ^^ (I finally bought him) and my striker who scored some goals to help the team.

As a symbol of some domination games that I had sometimes but without any goal :( :



Then I lost against Arsenal in FA Cup on the 3rd round :



Coventry seemed to be out of the Capital One Cup and JPT at the time I got it.
I finished this season on the 11th place (just as Cambridge in the last season) :



I started well my 2nd Coventry season in League 1 and also in Capital One Cup where I succeeded to beat Sunderland and Fulham (both in Championship league) :






These two games were really lucky hold-ups :D
But once again I've fallen against Arsenal in Capital One Quarter Finals :(



The game was not that bad but 6 – 1 is a bit hard !
I fell against Crystal Palace in FA Cup on the 3rd round :



I really believed in this game when I lead by 1 and the equalized at 5 min before the end of the game, but still, defensive issues made me lose this one.

I managed to get to the JPT final and lost on penaltys. Too bad, it could have been my first trophy !
I ended up this season with a 4th place after being on the top 2 for about 5 months. I did very bad in the last weeks, losing to every little team on the board :( Finally I got my ticket for playoffs :



These playoffs were intense. The first game I made 4 – 4 but I was leading 2 – 0 then 4 – 2 with 4 goals by a player from my reserve team. On the second leg I won 5 - 1 and won the right to play the final for Championship. Here’s the player :



I'd love to find an other striker named Holmes to play with :D 

I won the final even I lost one of my best player (loan from Crystal Palace) :



Finally, my first promotion with Coventry and now it’s time to begin this new season with a lot of promises…
I lost my playmaker who didn’t want to sign a new contract but I succeed in loaning an other player just as good and efficient.

I’ll post again in a week I guess, I need that time to play enough to give you some to read :) 

Thanks for reading

PS: I totally forgot to take some player screenshot and transfer windows. I'll make it for the next update.

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Hello guys,

Here’s my update for my unemployed challenge.
It’s getting serious and harder :(

I’ve started my new season with Coventry and it’s not doing so well.
Some games are hard… like this one :



Leading all the way and two goals in the last minutes of the game! How hard is that ? :(

After 6 games, it’s just horrible :




And then, Bournemouth comes at my door with a pretty nice mission : do not be relegated !
The club was 18th at this moment (no screenshot :()

First games are a bit hard, mostly dominating but not enough goals to win.

Some great stuff for clubs in difficult times, the cups :) :






As it may be possible to beat these teams ! I must not be relegated !!
Lost in replay against Man City though :



In order to help me, I got this nice regen :



Great abilities and with a bit of IT, he may become one of the best Premier league strikers!
Unfortunately, he doesn’t score that much. I don’t know where it comes from but I’m disappointed.
In the end of the season, I lost the game that I mustn’t lose and it’s the relegation which comes to my door :



The board trusts in me and I’m not sacked. They’re sur that I’ll be able to go back up in one season.
I’m counting on my reserve team to produce some great strikers to help me in my mission and I got this guy :




After 2 months in IT, here is what he became :




The Championship looks way easier and the cup matches makes me even happier :




In this season, weird thing, Courtois won the world player of year award :




Finally I lost in Capital One Final against Tottenham on penalties :




And again in FA Cup on a larger score (on replay) :




In addition to my striker, I found this one from my reserve and he’s pretty amazing after a few months of IT :




These 2 guys helped me a lot in my league and made me won the Championship :






With almost 100 goals :)
I had 3 strikers above 15 league goals :





They were assisted by 3 great players (including Mings, my left defender corner kicker) :




I obviously got the Manager of the Year award :




And Mike Collins was one revelation!




Now it’s time to face the Premier League and fight no to be relegated !
I found, to help me, one possible regen from Hugo Lloris (early retired from Tottenham) :




Thanks for reading me and see you soon for a new update !


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