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Tactics Excellent (enhanced) 4-3-3 with working IF


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  FB.               LD.                  CD.             FB.


  W.                CM.               BWM.


                       AF.                   P.                IF.


Instr: attacking





No primary outlet or att


How it works: 


AF tend to drop back just a little generally sticks to position with plenty of goals and assists. P tends to push left and will score 3 one game and none the next for some reason. IF will come inside and sit behind the front two making nice runs and scoring a hatful if goals.


Winger (cough cough....sisto!) will work the line and put plenty of crosses in and every now and then will push in with an IF style run and score a cracker. CM and BWM will try to control the mid with strength and little one touch passes with the CM picking out some through balls and generally pushing the ball around the field.

Defence & GK

This is where i get a bit confused. Mostly it is solid as a rock and the opposing team will get very few shots on but every now and then it'll leak like a siv. *Edit: GK as SK and right central def to limited def seems to have plugged the leak*


Make sure you set your assignments or the corners and free kicks become completely ineffective


give it a try and let me know if you manage to get consistency out of your defence.


Good Luck





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To plug leak at the back, change your GK to SK and the right handed central def to Limited def.


@AndersJ not completed a full season yet as have been testing loads of changes but have tested half seasons with Palace, Southampton, hammers & am just in January first season with utd which i intend to do a few seasons with. 


So far the results are amazing but i will update with end of season stats when i get there. 

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Really interesting, going to give it a go with Swansea.

Who would you recommend as the IF right up top on the striker line? No one I look at is bright green in that position. 

Also whats the GK distribution? Got it as mixed atm. Cheers!

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Am testing this but somehow roles was change by system during match, AF becomes TM, CM becomes AP, FB becomes WB.. So have to start again. Was mention somewhere about this bug.

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Have tested this tactic, though bit hassle as game keep changing roles here and now.. Overall, it works for my team Madrid, in the third season I tried this tactic.

Tactic made IF score quite a lot. Agree on the poacher, hit and miss, I tried changing to TM/ AF/ CF, though with suitable player, can't find one that works consistently. 


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I've played 2 seasons now with this tactic on the original engine (i know it's built for enhanced) just because I liked how unusual it looked and it's served me well. Finished in top 4 with Swansea both seasons and performed well although struggled for consistency. Haven't been on a winning run of more than 4 games before losing. Main problems seem to be your full backs perform really poorly, especially the exposed LB who struggles to get higher than a 6 every game, and the Poacher like you say is unreliable. However the positives are the RM performs well, the AF is fantastic and the IF puts up incredible stats. I'll include a pic of Talisca playing as the IF on dark green suitability. 

Overall isn't as dominant as other tactics I've tried on here although that is likely down to the fact its not designed for OME :) 


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tried it one season with leicester city

and here's the result





and here's my players




bought only ashley cole to be my fullback

its a pretty nice tactic but so inconsistent mate, i dont know if im the one at bad luck but thats the result in half of the season

if i can tweaked it to be better i'll post some



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