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Difference between playing home and away


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Is it just me or is playing away more difficult this year. I realise I'm probably still used to playing FMH2014 as I threw in the towel with FMH2015 some 6 months ago, but I seem to be able to beat big teams at home but lose against Watford away. Tried different formations and tactics but generally speaking when the ai is at home - they will score, no matter who the team is.

I'm also aware that the days of super tactics are gone and teams seem to drop more points throughout the season, but it can get irritating when I play away at bristol city in the cup and they go 'attacking', and I know whatever I do - they will score.

I've tried playing defensive away but ai ALWAYS scores when I do this. Even using defensive and men behind ball they still score.

I had to play FMH2014 this morning to relieve some stress and just blow some teams away lol. Yes I do get enjoyment out of that and I do think that is fun. It is a game after all.

Am I the only one that has this issue with conceding goals away from home?

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