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Red Cards


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Hi Vibe,

Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I've found what seems to me a pretty flawed problem with this game. Before I elaborate I just want to add I've been playing all FM Handheld games since 2007 and I've never noticed any inconsistencies until now. I'm just querying to see if anybody else has any issues surrounding red cards within the game. The reason for this is because numerous times in my save (FC United of Manchester -> Atalanta) I've played teams who've had players sent off but nothing's changed in the game to suggest that it's a massive moment. The opposition don't tweak their starting XI (unless it's their GK who's sent off) and I'm consistently unable to press home any kind of advantage. I've tried changing my formation (traditionally always play an attacking 4-2-3-1), making changes of my own, even been patient and changed nothing to see if that would help and nothing has worked. I find that despite having to play with a man less the opposition doesn't become more fatigued and it's just becoming incredibly frustrating to have to treat the occasion like it's a normal game when in reality we should dominate possession, create chances and play better as a whole. On the flip side when I get a red card I find that there usually is a reaction from the AI and unless I park the bus I find it very difficult to get a result.

What tipped me over the edge was my most recent game; an Italian Cup QF against Fiorentina. They had 2 players sent off after 30 minutes yet went on to win 1-0 - but they didn't just win, they were by far the better team. They had more possession, more shots and more clear chances. In my opinion it's not right. Fiorentina's best XI does beat mine however I'm above them in the league so it's not as if I'm completely inferior to them. I can't put my finger on how or why this keeps happening so do any of you guys have similar issues? If not, what do you do if the opposition gets a red card? Stick or twist? Cheers for reading.

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Usually I get the red cards. When the other team gets one (never more than 1), I don't change anything but I can't see any change in the possession : If I'm leading in the possession I keep the lead and in the other way too.

Although, once, I got a red card and was losing 1 - 0. My players succeeded in winning 2 - 1 at the end. I was happy but I think that was just luck. Or random.

I'll try to change my tactic the next time the opponent gets a red. I'll let you know how it went.

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