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A bit harsh


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Took them to the prem, into europe, made millions and boom, this, i was 7th in league and still in europe, sigh, think ill have a rest from the game now :(


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Not on the scale with your sacking but got the boot with Forest after what I thought was a minor miracle with the funding they gave me!

15/16 – 3rd in CH (Lost in P/O Final)
16/17 – 1st in CH
17/18 – 11th in PL and FA Cup Runners Up
18/19 – 5th in PL and QF in Europa League
19/20 – Sacked with 3 games remaining despite being 3rd and getting to SF in all cup competitions.

We had a run of 5 games without a win but this included 3 cup semi finals, had exceeded all seasonal expectations but that’s life!

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very harsh, i reloaded my save up again from a few months back, i wasnt prepared to lose hours of game time for a stupid in game decision, anyway adapted my tactics, same formation but different players and roles helped alot

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Damn, feel for you mate, you've got a long way in to that career by the looks of it too!.

It can really kill your FM buzz sometimes this game. Just like the FIFA console games, the boards objectives/expectations hardly ever follow logic or common sense.  Picked up Southampton recently on FMM16 and was given 'Achieve Continental Qualification' with a modest budget. Finished 3rd and won the Europa League and got a message saying something like "Your success in winning the Europa Cup may just be the difference in you keeping your job" or something to that effect, sure you've all seen that message. You kidding right?! 

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I got sacked again, for losing to real madrid in champs league and being 3rd in the prem, i had enough at this point, deleted all the saves and havent been on since

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