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Career UKFootballScore does it for England [Free Agents]


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Hey guys!

After smashing a few downloads out I wanted to do a story that wasnt any kind of challenge but a follow through of a career idea of mine

Using the Free Agent Database I will be managing a team in Spain! A big team in Spain!!


So as you can see I have an empty squad!!

Now to fill my team……



……But with who????



An England u23 squad thats what!!


So who can I sign? Any Englishman that is the age of 23 or under!

This should become a nice mix of top class players and up and coming players

A little side note that the future of England Goalkeepers looks incredibly bleak indeed!!

Squads In spain look varied tbh Getafe have a sweet looking team while Real Madrid barely touched the market so checking opposition out before hand will be a must going forward into the first season. Deportivo look quite handy aswell!

So who so you think I signed? Obvious ones are a given but what surprises will there be? 

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Reserved for Squad Purposes

Season One Squad


Big squad haha

Jack Truelove……… What a name!!!

Bradley Ash……… Signed because he plays for my Local Team¿¿

I'm worried defensively back up wise John Stones and Eric Dier are solid but Blackett, Chambers, Caulker, and Jenkinson as DC backup leaves alot to be desired tbh

Joshua Onomah is an interesting one! He looks pretty good and played great in his one friendly appearance

Midfield looks beasty!! Wilshere, Ox, Barkley, Sterling backed up by Alli, Carroll, Grealish, Ward-Prowse, Redmond, Hughes, Zaha will be great to work with and I can see some of the back up over taking the first side very soon…… Watch this space on that



Can they gel quickly and start smashing it!! They need to with the hige expectations on Barcelona!!

This should be a fun save but challenging also

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Couldn't be bothered to wait for a response haha wanna get on it!

I'll be posting on a fair amount of detail lads including scout reports and stuff so we can all see the squads I'm up against

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Ok a bit of strange news…………


Has anyone seen that before!!!


10 players proceded to hate him or say there have a strained relationship with Bradley Ash!! I was like WTF!

Had to release him haha couldn't believe it


Then…… just to add to that I got this through!


Not like I've got a whole squad of english players is it! Maybe I should buy more just to comfort him

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Haven't seen that particular one no, you see the one I put on FMM2016 funnies?, balotelli told the papers that liverpools squad was crap and needed strengthening, the next message he was transfer listed ? haha what a baby luke shaw!!

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We'll start with the friendlies

FC Barcelona 4-0 CartagenaScreenshot_2015-12-19-10-08-36.png.f9185

A decent performance by the lads here

Sterling proving his worth straight away!!

C.E. Sabadell 1-3 FC BarcelonaScreenshot_2015-12-19-10-17-53.png.e2545

The second team had a go here and this was where Joshua Onomah had a great game! Passing was on it!

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Very interesting! That midfield though. You wouldn't have thought our youngsters were actually some of our key players but when you look at it the majority of our key players are the youngsters. This could be fun!

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Wow. I missed this somehow,.....

This looks so damn epic Haha. Future of England! Don't know some of em like Ash and the other guy you're talking about. This should be fun!







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Spanish Super Cup

Real Madrid 1-5 BARCELONA


BARCELONA (8) 3-0 (1) Real Madrid


Smashed Madrid in the 'El Clasico' comfortably

Even my second team destroyed them in the 2nd leg!

Manager said after the game "This is just the start, we need to push on and compete for the rest of the season. Real arent all that this year having only signed 1-2 players so far"


Next Match: Seville, European Super Cup



Could the former player haunt Barcelona?? Anyone fancy Suarez to have scored?


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What I must add is the grey players on these teams arent all rubbish so not always going to be an easy game just because they havent signed anyone proper 

I think it depends on the clubs rep what level of player is at each club so that keeps it fair game

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European Super Cup

BARCELONA 3-1 SevillaScreenshot_2015-12-19-11-02-07.png.118f2

Trust Luis Suarez to open the scoring against us! Was a fantastic goal too

Well after that goal we dominated the game having 58% but felt like more watching the game

Journalist Guilem Balague said "It was Men against Boys, But the Boys won"


That wins us the second trophy of the story already!! Storming it haha

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