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"Die Borussen" - A Borussia Dortmund Team Guide

What's up guys Jeffrey here and today I'm going to start my Dortmund team guide on football manager mobile 2016, so, without further-a-do, let's go!


*I have not written down a history or something like that for them, because of the fact that this is solely based in the game*


League: Bundesliga

Continental: Europa League

Board Expectations: European Qualification

Transfer Budget: 16,000,000

Wage Budget: 1,327,000 (Used 1,106,000)


The Squad

*I have picked players that will actually play a part in your team to review*




Roman Bürki | Swiss | Age 24 | Value 2,200,000 | Wage 34,000


Best Stats: Kicking (17), Aggression (16), Reflexes, Throwing, Strength (15)

Best Suited To The Role: Goalkeeper

My Opinion: The Swiss who joined this season in real life is a fantastic signing for both real life and in FMM terms. With club legend (?) Weidenfeller getting older as the years go by, Bürki is definitely going to be a fantastic replacement for the German who's now decreasing in ability, Bürki has also got crucial stats for a goalkeeper like 15 reflexes.


Roman Weidenfeller | German | Age 34 | Value 625,000 | Wage 41,000


Best Stats: Communication, Reflexes, Strength (16), Leadership, Throwing (15)

Best Suited To Role: Goalkeeper

My Opinion: With Bürki coming into Dortmund, Weidenfeller will be slowing losing his place in the first team in real life and in your save. Aged 34, he will decrease rapidly unless some magic happens, and although he makes a great backup keeper for 1, or maybe 2 seasons, he is definitely not one to keep an eye for the future.


Other Goalkeepers: Jan Reckert, Hendrik Bonmann


Adjustments Needed?: Yes


Why?: As I've said, Roman Weidenfeller is now not as good as a few years ago, although you cannot fault him, it is a very sad reality that you'd have to accept, come on, bring in a younger goalkeeper.


How?: As Dortmund have got a fantastic first team goalie and a quite ageing but good one, I suggesting buying a young wonderkid goalkeeper that would be great in the future, but you will be utilising the loan-back option to get him first team football before coming back to the club.


Goalkeeper Shortlist:

Rubén Blanco | Spanish | Age 19 | Value 3,500,000

Simone Scuffet | Italian | Age 19 | Value 3,500,000

Predrag Rajkovic | Serbian | Age 19 | Value 230,000

Bartlomiej Dragowski | Polish | Age 17 | Value 1,800,000


Defenders (Central)


Sokratis | Greek | Age 27 | Value 4,000,000 | Wage 40,000


Best Stats: Tackling (20), Aggression, Positioning, Teamwork, Pace, Stamina (17), Decisions, Strength (16)

Best Suited To Role: Limited Defender

My Opinion: 20 Tackling... Anyways the Greek is a very good defender for the side, I wouldn't say he'd be first team in real life, but it seems that SI have gave him some too OP stats and makes him a definite first-teamer in FMM, Aged at 27 you can get a few yours of him before offloading him to a different team.


Neven Subotic | Serbian | Age 26 | Value 5,000,000 | Wage 27,000


Best Stats: Aerial, Tackling (18), Positioning, Strength (17)

Best Suited To Role: Central Defender

My Opinion: It's hard to choose between 4 good defenders and air you're not playing three at the back (I'll touch on that later), it seems like you'd have to drop Subotic out, this doesn't mean that he isn't good though, he would make for a fantastic backup or even first-teamer for the side, should one of the first-team players gets sold (Hummels To Madrid) or gets injured.


Matthias Ginter | German | Age 21 | Value 7,000,000 | Wage 27,000


Best Stats: Decisions (16), Aerial, Positioning, Teamwork, Stamina, Strength (15)

Best Suited To Role: Limited Defender/Central Defender

My Opinion: The German isn't the best defender within Dortmund's team, infact within the 4 I'm reviewing he is the worst of them all! But this doesn't kill his promise and potential with the game, aged 21, this lad should be the new Hummels, or Boateng, who could stand his own with Dortmund and The German National Team (although it doesn't exist)


Mats Hummels | German | Age 26 | Value 17,500,000 | Wage 65,000


Best Stats: Decisions, Positioning (19), Tackling (18), Aerial, Strength (16)

Best Suited To Role: Central Defender/Ball Playing Defender

My Opinion: The best of the bunch. No matter what, (except if Real Madrid buy him), he would be the first choice centre back for the team, the fantastic defender is not only a master in his tackles, and also in the air, both defending and attacking, which makes him one of the best defenders in real life and in FMM2016. Prepare to Reject offers for him!


Other Central Defenders: Mohamed El-Bouazzati, Julian Schwermann


Adjustments Needed?: Depends


Why?: So I'll tell when you need adjustments and when you don't.

If you are playing a three at the back tactic (e.g. 3-5-2) you will need a better backup centre back than Ginter, or, a backup centre back along with Ginter, as you would need two, however, if you run a four back tactic, you do not need another backup after the four you already have. You also need to have a plan if Hummels gets outraged for you rejecting a bid from Real Madrid.


How?: For if you are playing a three back formation, you will need a 22-24 year old that's cheap but can still play in the Bundesliga level. If Hummels leave though, it would make you a lot of money, but there would be a hole in the squad that needs to be filled.


Central Defender Shortlist:

For Backup:

Juan Jesus | Brazil | Age 24 | Value 5,750,000

Andreu Fontas | Spanish | Age 25 | Value 5,250,000

Ramiro Funes Mori | Argentinian | Age 24 | Value 4,800,000


Incase Mats Hummels leaves the club:

Just buy one of the above as backup and don't use a three back formation


Defender (Right/Left)


Erik Durm | German | Age 23 | Value 6,500,000 | Wage 28,000


Best Stats: Aggression, Stamina (16), Pace, Teamwork (15)

Best Suited To Role: Wing Back

My Opinion: Erik Durm, a good Right back but will be more used as a left back by most Dortmund users of FMM, with Dortmund lacking talent in the LB spot, they've used Durm to fill in, and he has done a fantastic job, in real life. Although his FMM still has left back only has a dark green dot, but you should play him as your first choice left back, to be honest.


Marcel Schmelzer | German | Age 27 | Value 4,900,000 | Wage 34,000


*This is all entitled to my own opinion, please do not scold me :)*

Best Stats: Stamina (19), Tackling, Aggression, Decisions, Positioning (17), Movement, Teamwork, Pace (16)

Best Suited To Role: Full Back (More like best suited to the transfer list)

My Opinion: I still remember my first competitive game of FMM, it was Bayern against Dortmund, German Super Cup, I used Durm on the right and Schmelzer on the left. I lost the game 4-0, Schmelzer got absolutely tore apart by Robben and got an average rating of 3, transfer listed straight away. In my opinion he is a terrible left back despite his stats and I would sell him. But I'm actually looking forward to hearing your thoughts about Schmelzer.


Lukasz Piszczek | Polish | Age 30 | Value 3,900,000 | Wage 48,000


Best Stats: Aggression (18), Stamina (16), Crossing, Movement, Teamwork, Pace (15)

Best Suited To Role: Wing Back

My Opinion: Your first choice right back in the team, a fantastic all round player which will serve you well for 2 or 3 years. The Polish posses stats that are crucial for a formation with no wingers and relys on wing backs, and in my opinion Dortmund should be having a no winger formation, given their "talents" for wingers in game except for Reus and maybe Januzaj.


Other WideDefenders: Park JooHo, Niklas Beste, Frlix Passlack,


Adjustments Needed?: No (2 years later yes)


Defensive Midfielders


Sven Bender | German | Age 26 | Value 4,500,000 | Wage 40,000


Best Stats: Tackling, Stamina (20), Aggression, Teamwork (19)

Best Suited To Role: Ball Winning Midfielder

My Opinion: A machine of a midfielder he is, the German international is a fantastic ball winning midfielder with the right stats in the right place, I mean 20 tackling and stamina is just insane! I think he should be in your first team plans right now and he deserves it. Prepared to be WOWed!


Nuri Sahin | Turkish | Age 26 | Value 6,250,000 | Wage 41,000


Best Stats: Passing (19), Decisions (18), Technique (17)

Best Suited To Role: Deep Lying Playmaker

My Opinion: Funnily enough I will actually be tempted to sell him, but there's a reason behind, and the reason is that I've already got Sven bender and Gundogan as great DMs and it would actually generate money for me to buy some of the players O desire for the club. It's these dilemma players where you really have to set your mind and sell them.


Other defensive midfielders: Atakan Karazor, Julian Weigl (Suggested LOAN),


Adjustments Needed?: Not really, selling Nuri Sahin would be my only change.


Central Midfielders


Gonzalo Castro | German | Age 28 | Value 4,800,000 | Wage 47,000


Best Stats: Passing, Technique, Decisions, Stamina (15)

Best Suited To Role: Advanced Playmaker

My Opinion: You know in life there's some players where you could love for one day and then decide to sell the next day. Castro is one of those. He is a great centre mid that does his job good and has well rounded stats, as well as a very good determination for the game. But aged 28, not only does he have nearly no room to grow, but also him not having the highest of stats, and the 47,000 wage might tempt you to sell him. I refuse to sell him lol


Ilkay Gundogan | German | Age 24 | Value 13,000,000 | Wage 90,000


Best Stats: Creativity, Passing (18), Technique, Decisions (17)

Best suited To Role: Deep Lying Playmaker/Advanced Playmaker

My Opinion: If you had doubts about the German Giants' midfield, now you wouldn't, Gundogan is like a saving grace for a midfield that once had Gotze in it, but Gundogan is fantastic as a player, and not really anything else to be said, well rounded, good attributes, and a great central midfielder.


Other Central Midfielders: Moritz Leitner


Adjustments needed?: No


Attacking Midfielders


Shinji Kagawa | Japanese | Age 26 | Value 11,500,000 | Wage 55,000


Best Stats: Movement (18), Technique, Decisions (17)

Best Suited To Role: Advanced Playmaker

My Opinion: After coming back to Dortmund, Kagawa has played fantastically and it's well reflected in game, with good stats for an attacking midfielder, he could be the man who links up everything with good movement, technique, and decent Passing and although not as young as his first spell at Dortmund, the Japanese international does still has room to grow.


Henrikh Mkhitaryan | Armenian | Age 26 | Value 8,250,000 | Wage 55,000


Best Stats: Movement (18), Aggressions, Decisions, Stamina (17)

Best Suited To Role: Inside Forward/Advanced Playmaker

My Opinion: Mkhitaryan is a fantastic attacking midfielder who could hold his own, to a certain extent even better than Shinji, which hurts me as a devil and an Asian, but he is the playmaker you want for the club. The Armenian international is also established on the wing, if Reus gets injured.


Other attacking midfielders: Christian Pulisic


Adjustments needed?: Not Really


Wingers (Left and Right)


Marco Reus | German | Age 26 | Value 23,500,000 | Wage 140,000


Best Stats: Movement (20), Shooting (18), Stamina (17)

Best Suited To Role: Winger/Inside Forward

My opinion: it's ashame that my setup to the "best stats' bit means that I cannot show you all of the amazing stats for Reus, but it's ok as we already know how good of a player he is! As the best and the highest earner of the club,you can build a team around the German international and he will be the vocal point of your every attacking, sometimes Aubameyang actually XD


Jonas Hofmann | German | Age 22 | Value 6,750,000 | Wage 27,000


Best Stats: Movement (19), Decisions (18), Aggression (17)

Best Suited To Role: Winger

My Opinion: Although competing with Januzaj this season, next season would be his time to shine, therefore you should consider giving him some intensive training time to booster up his stats as well as decent game time to set him up for next season, othe than that I really do not have anything to say about him!


(I haven't included Januzaj due to him being a loan player)


Other Wingers: Adnan Januzaj, Joseph-Claude Gyau, Jacob Bruun


Adjustments Needed?: Maybe


Why?: Dortmund do not have enough quality in-depth for their wingers so it would be beneficial to bring in players like Pione Sisto


Wingers Shortlist:

Pione Sisto | Danish | Age 20 | Value 2,400,000

Malcom | Brazilian | Age 18 | Value 4,300,000




Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang | Gabonese | Age 26 | Value 12,000,000 |

Wage 60,000


Best Stats: Movement (20), Pace (19), Shooting (18)

Best Suited To Role: Poacher/Advanced Forward

My Opinion: PACE PACE PACE! But seriously this guy isn't just pace, he has turned into a world class superstar and the game replicates that, and he is now he only striker that is worth a mention in the Dortmund team, his good shooting and movement, along with his electrifying pace, makes him either a good poacher or advanced forward.


Other attackers: Adrian Ramos, Ciro Immobile




Striker Shortlist: I actually don't know about this one so I'm gonna leave it to you guys to see your strikers.


Tactic Time


So, I've gathered a few tactics and the formations of it that I think would work for Dortmund.


First, a 3421


Secondly, a 4321


and lastly a 514



Might be a bit crazy, but it should work!



Dortmund has a fantastic team and it can't be overshadowed that they've had a down season last year, they've got great players in their side and absolute quality in depth, with some great loan signings as well.

With some nurturing, you can turn Dortmund into a world beating team!


Hope you enjoyed my guide, Bye :)

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Nice work

Same about the tactics. A 5 1 4 with Dortmund sounds absurd to me! :laugh:

P. S The Reus screenshot is missing. 


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Almost all aspect i agree with this post,but different save different taste,at my save papastopulos not doing that good,even subotic still better than him,and i conceded more when i play him compare with subotic,for left back why you didnt mention park?he is good backup at my save and smelzer does really good job too at my save,makes me to keep him at left and stay durm to his best position,passlack this guy is good backup too and also one of right back wonderkid who can surpass durm and piszcek in near future, why you not mention him? it's funny too my weidenfeller growing pass his age and that make him harder to replace by burki at my save, and i agree with you dortmund need good backup or maybe replacement at winger and striker,i suggest buy pato at striker position ,cheap and good player too,i use 4231 formation at my save btw





Edited by Edo Winsyah
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If anyone has a face pack for Dortmund like this or just a good one in general that doesn't cost pm me or reply to this please been searching for couple days now :)

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3 minutes ago, Mullzy77 said:

If anyone has a face pack for Dortmund like this or just a good one in general that doesn't cost pm me or reply to this please been searching for couple days now :)

All faces are found on our download section. This one is called Action Faces. The megapacks cover most players in the game apart from Action which covers around 6,000. You can get them all for free via Torrents, but be aware the site costs to maintain and we appreciate any purchases to help keep us running.

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Then can you help me understand why this happens .... I click on torrent download yet just takes me to the sites premium upgrade page :/ and yes I am clicking torrent not just the download bottom. Thanks :) 

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15 minutes ago, Mullzy77 said:

Then can you help me understand why this happens .... I click on torrent download yet just takes me to the sites premium upgrade page :/ and yes I am clicking torrent not just the download bottom. Thanks :) 

Which file is this on? Do you have uTorrent?

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1 hour ago, Mullzy77 said:

Then can you help me understand why this happens .... I click on torrent download yet just takes me to the sites premium upgrade page :/ and yes I am clicking torrent not just the download bottom. Thanks :) 

i think he is talking about face packs mate

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On January 1, 2016 at 19:18, aimanruslli said:

need some help. Why I can't find Park JooHoo, Conzalo Castro and Adrian Ramos in my team? anyone can explain to me?

Do you have large database enabled?


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