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Tactics La Décima Tactical Discussion


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Hello, it's me again bringing you another attempt on replicating successful real tactics in FMH 2016!

After the recreation of Klopp's Dortmund (which you can view by clicking here), I've been trying to adapt Ancelotti's 2013–14 Real Madrid into the game, but since I've been struggling with some details I decided to come here and ask you all for some help.

These are the specs I've been using:

Team Mentality: Attacking

Passing Style: Direct

Passing Focus: Both Flanks

GK Distribution: Short

Tackling: Cautious

Pressing: ON

Counter Attacking: ON

Ancelotti's Real Madrid were maybe the best example of a counter attacking team in all history of football. With pacey players all over the field, they were the dream team of many FIFA players (including me, of course). They were also one of the best scoring sides in La Liga history, surpassing the 100-goal mark. Thus, I believe they were a very attacking-minded team whose goal was to get the ball to their wonderful strikers (BBC) ASAP. Obviously the MVP or MIP here is Mr. SÍ!, their three times Ballon d'Or winner, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. In my head, the second most important attacker is CR7's right-sided counterpart, Gareth Bale (maybe because of his incredible pace, which has me dreaming of a FIFA approach to this game), hence why I chose to focus passing on both flanks. The other four settings are inherited from my gegenpressing adaptation.

Player Roles:

GK - Role: GK

No Neuer, no SK.

DR - Role: FB

Someone needs to defend in this team, Carvajal!

DC - Role: CD

The less technically gifted player of the duo, the Pepe or Varane.

DC - Role: BPD

The more technically proficient of the duo, the Ramos.

DL - Role: WB

The, well, wing-back, the one who leaves the defense exposed at times, but is capable of delivering some masterpieces, the Marcelo.

DMC - Role: DLP

The distributor, the one with a wonderful vision and an incredible passing range, the Primary Outlet, the Alonso.

MC - Role: CM

The slightly-more-advanced playmaker, the Modric.

MC - Role: BBM

The runner in the centre, the "central winger". The one who's been overlooked and underestimated. The one who's got 17 league assists, while the runner-ups got only 13. The main reason why I'm doing this. The Di María.

AMR - Role: IF

Ronaldo without the goals or the Ballon d'Ors, AKA Bale.

AML - Role: IF

The second (maybe third :P) best player in the world. Nowadays. The Primary Attacker, or the focus of the team's attacks. The Ronaldo.

FC - Role: CF (?)

The one who should deliver for Ronaldo more than score his own goals. The team-player forward. The Benzema.


This is how I've been using it. And this is how I've been struggling:

1- I just can't seem to get my AML to score anything near Ronaldo's numbers without switching him to FC;

2- I've also tinkered with the FC's role to make him more of an assister than a scorer, using him as Trequartista and DLF, to no seeable result;

3- Also, I'm not sure about the best interpretation of a central winger. If this were desktop FM, it seems clear that I should use the CM - Attack role, but in FMM I've been more drawn to the BBM role;

4- In my first attempt, I've used the AMR as an wide APM, because I wanted him to be less offensive than the AML. But it didn't quite pay off;

5- Some people tend to use a pair of Central Defenders, but I can't believe that the best centre-back in the world wouldn't be a BPD.


To those interested, I'm playing with PSG, trying to complete the Pride of South American Continent challenge, and this is my starting XI for the second season of it:

Muslera; Mário Fernandes, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Juan Jesus; Alex Teixeira; Javier Pastore, Ángel Di María; Lucas Moura, Edinson Cavani; Gonzalo Higuaín.

I believe you can easily deduce who is who in this adaptation.

I'm playing Enhanced Engine.


So, please, feel free to help me with it and share your comments! Thanks in advance!

Edited by alves_gabriel
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Very interesting tactic. But you nearly lost me when you inferred that Ramos is the best centre-back in the world. I like him but if he wasnt Spanish, I doubt RM would have bought him.

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37 minutes ago, alves_gabriel said:

@phila I put it there as a joke. What I really meant was "most expensive".

Well he certainly called Perez's bluff this year:-)

If I play as RM I sell Pepe straight up (he is too much of a grub for me) but Ramos is usually not far behind - particularly with his wage upgrade.

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Looking at the players' average position in the 2013–14 Champions League final, as well as in a few other Real Madrid games, and having in mind that I'm constantly getting the lack of width analysis, it seems that the solution to my problem really is finding a way to emulate the central winger in the game. Because though Di María is listed in the line-up as a central midfielder, he often occupies the side of the field. I've changed one of my IFs to W while I think about a way to do what I proppose.

That said, if you have any ideas, please share! ;)

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