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Challenges The Tony Pulis Challenge


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The Tony Pulis Challenge


Tony Pulis has been managing teams in the EPL for a long time now and specialises in helping teams to avoid relegation. If indeed he is appointed as the next England manager (as is being touted in various circles), it would be an acknowledgement by the FA that they have given up any aspirations to high achievements on the world stage (although some might argue that this happened when they appointed Woy). However this is your chance to prove the naysayers wrong.


Statistically speaking, almost 40% of all goals are scored if the ball first enters the magical zone near the penalty spot. It is claimed that this governs much of Tony’s “tactical genius”, so any tactics you choose, must involve long ball passing so that you can get the ball as quickly as possible to this zone. In addition to this, Tony is renowned for liking his players to “leave their mark’ on opposition players. So any tactic you choose must also involve “committed tackling”

The Challenge

You must win a major trophy (Champions League or Premier League).

Optional Scoring

You are awarded points as follows:

·         Each yellow card awarded to a player earns you 10 points if you draw the match.

·         Each double yellow card (ie resulting in a player being sent off) earns you 30 points if you draw.

·         Each straight red card earns you 50 points if you draw.

·         All points awarded for cards are doubled if you win.

·         Any opposition player that is injured and unable to continue playing, earns you an additional 100 points.

Your final score is calculated by adding up all your points and dividing them by the number of years it took you to complete the challenge. The person with the highest final score “wins”.

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