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Hey all,

Today I come to you with a H2H. Between me and fmhaberdeenfan. And by the title you all know that this is a fantasy draft.

So, quite simple here. We're doing a fantasy draft, woohooo. But the twist there, is actually that we can only use BPL players.Wait, hold up. Some of you are asking, what is a fantasy draft?

The Fantasy Draft:

You see that this is an idea that Dec and Ashez came up with. It was also a H2H. So, basically, you have to choose 23 players, the first 3 of which must be chosen from our starting squad. Then we must choose other players to fit the quota of 23 players. Once that is done, we must play a season, and see the league results. 

The Other Things:

Nothing much here other than the info about our clubs. So I came up this on the spot, Man City and Man Utd, due to me being a Utd fan and Man Utd and City have one of the biggest rivalries in English Football. fmhaberdeenfan can oppose this tho. His call. 

Thats it, who do you guys think will win this. The 1KC completionist or fmhaberdeenfan.

Thanks for reading!



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