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A look at Donnarumma - Progression in 10 Years


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In Football Manager, Football Manager Mobile and all the other football games, wonderkid has always played a huge part, in each and every player's heart. In this series, I am going to simulate into the future and look at the progression of a grand total of more than 40 players, and today we start off with Gianluigi Donnarumma. Hope you enjoy


Gianluigi Donnarumma


Gianluigi Donnarumma | Age 16 | Italian | CA 89 | PA 162 |

Donnarumma, truly a rising star in world football, the Italian, who after his start to the 2015-16 season, was truly hyped to be one of the best in football, and be the second Gianluigi Buffon, due to their first names.



Original Stats


Gianluigi, aged 16, one of the rising stars of Italian football, is actually starting ok in the game, with decent goalkeeping stats like 14 reflexes and aerial and some ok other stats as well.


Stats After 1 Seasons


As you can see, without playing Gianluigi has improved under time, aerial and reflexes going into the greens and other stats improving as well. His valued rised to 4.4 million from 180k while not renewing a contract.


Stats After 2 Seasons


Again, without any game time, Gianluigi has continued improving, strength and positioning now joins the green-stats-army, while other stats are also improving for the Italian. As you can see, he renewed his contract, now earning 3,800 per week.


Stats After 5 Seasons


In Donn’s 4th season, he finally got game time, and with 55 games played come the end of his 5th season including a loan to Sassuolo, his stats was only boosted further, aerial and reflexes are incredible at 18. It must be an incredible acheivement to be playing in Milan’s first team at 21.


Stats After 10 Seasons


After 5 more years of regular game time, Gianluigi Donnarumma is now truly one of the world’s superstars, with 20s in aerial and reflexes and some nice greens. At 26, he is one of the players you would buy in FMM 25, but would the 65,000 per week scare you? Probably.





As you can see, Donnarumma did not play until his 4th season, where he was loaned out to Serie A relegation candidates Sassuolo, where he conceded 49 in 29. Now with the stats and the experience, he has regular first team game time at A.C. Milan, with the only exception of the 20/21 where he suffered an injury which would keep him out for a lot of the season, he would come back and continue playing regular football for Milan. Second Maldini?


My Thoughts

I think for a player with only 162 CA, he has developed nicely and got regular game time for a dominating A.C. Milan side, he has lead the team to 3 consecutive Serie A titles, and has some nice stats for a goalkeeper. Did he get the stats he derserved? Yes.

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3 minutes ago, Dec said:

Great work, looking forward to more.


He is actually worse than I imagined but I think he still has time to develop as he isn't on peak yet.

Thank you :) I think his CA is too low at 162 tbh

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Can i know how you train donnaruma?


I have problem in training a GK all my GK always loss their positioning stat.i have donaruma too but he positioning stil same after 4 year at 11 point .

I move goalkeeping and tactic to intensive


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44 minutes ago, Zanga said:

Can i know how you train donnaruma?


I have problem in training a GK all my GK always loss their positioning stat.i have donaruma too but he positioning stil same after 4 year at 11 point .

I move goalkeeping and tactic to intensive


I do not train them, they are simulated with AI management.


11 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Nice work, I'm sure I'll end up using him at some point :) 

Thanks :) 

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