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Career Star Wars (FMM Style)


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........the evil Empire had all but destroyed the resistance and wiped the Rebel Alliance out completely. The outcome was inevitable the rebels were at their lowest point and were powerless to withstand the barrage from the Empire. It was felt that one last attack was all that was needed to end the rebellion for good.

What club could represent such a beaten force?





An old Jedi Master had appeared from hiding to give the Rebels hope.

A swift change of tactics and a belief in a legendary story was enough to raise morale to fend off the Empires most recent attacks.




Word of such heroics spread and it wasn't long before others wanted to join the struggle.

Another old Jedi Master Victor Valdes joined the resistance at the beginning of the fight (August) and promised his life to the cause.

billy1 Konobi also took a young Padawan under his wing in the shape of Kourney House who joined the fight in January.



Unfortunately the Empire proved strong in the ways of the Dark Side and things turned again.

Using the Dark Side of the Force an assault crew managed to wipe out a Rebel strong hold scoring 3 goals from only 3 shots on target.



Although a crushing blow it was nothing compared to what was to come.

In the aftermath of the battle it became clear that treachery was at play.

Valdes, the Jedi Master who joined the Rebels earlier was actually an agent for the Evil Emperor and let down the defenses at the Rebel outpost.


Valdes would slip away into the shadows never to be seen again......


That was it. Just a matter of time before the Empire took control of the entire Galaxy.

Nothing or no one could stop their advance now.

Or could it?

billy1 Konobi had been missing for several days when out of the blue he returned to the Rebel base at The Stadium of Light.

He wasn't alone, he had with him a young man who Konobi promised would change the tied of the fight and not only defeat the Evil Emperor but restore order to the Force.


The young man was Duncan 'Skywalker' Watmore.



Under the wing of Wes 'Yoda' Brown, Watmore began to learn and master his powers.

Not only did Watmore help defend the Rebel outposts but he led teams to successful attacks on Empire territory.






Things were looking very good for Duncan Skywalker and the rebellion but sadness was to come.

Wes 'Yoda' Brown was long in years and the Force was leaving him.

'90 minutes play I can not' he declared as his life slowly left him.

In his final words he told Duncan about the Empires most dangerous weapon.

Darth 'Newcastle' Vadar.

Brown told 'Skywalker' that the same North East blood that runs through Vadar also runs through him and he would have to face him before the conflict (season) is finished.

Brown's body maybe gone but through the Force he will 'still have a lot to offer'.





As the war raged on, Watmore knew that it was a matter of time before he faced his greatest challenge. 

Master Brown was right. Newcastle truly were strong opponents well versed in the dark arts of the Force.

Darth 'Newcastle' Vadar began the fight with words trying to tempt Watmore over to the Dark Side.

When Watmore refused Vadar said he would show him the power of the Dark Side and quickly scored 3 goals from only 4 shots on target.

Watmore and the rebilion truely could see what they were upagainst but instead of finishing the job, Vadar hesitated scoring a dissalowed goal.

This allowed Watmore to get back to his feet before striking an 84th minute blow. This gave Watmore just enough time to make his escape.

Why would Vadar hesitate?



The Rebels continued to grow in strength forming the new republic whilst the Evil Empire continued to suffer defeat after defeat.

The Empire still remains the stronger but things are much more even now.

Konobi with Watmore's help has promised to train up new Jedis and have vowed not to stop until the Empire is brought down once and for all.



Watmore's training is nearly complete and he has become dominant in the ways of the force.



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