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List of 7.1 Updates


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We've just released update 7.1 for Android, with iOS and Amazon to follow in the coming days.

Changelist is as follows:

Android 7.1 update:
- Fixed player positioning tactics bug during match
- Fixed tactical player assignments not getting cleared when player is removed from international squad
- Updated League Selection UI for clubs in Saviour Cometh challenge
- Fixed Club Training swiping bookmarks from taking user to 'Club Staff' page
- Fixed Own Goal text not displaying on Match screens when an incident happens more than once for the same player
- Tuned factors that affect homesickness 
- Fix for kit clashes
- Fix for AI passing focus so that UI updates correctly during match
- Prevented players terminating loans of players loaned back to their original clubs
- Fix for rare crash during installation
- Fixed Austerity Measures start date for Spain and Scotland
- Fixed repetition of gold coaching badge news 
- Prevented players leaving to become managers until they’re no longer required by their club
- Tweaked penalty taker AI
- Fix for player bans on 64 bit devices
- Tuned club interest from offering out players
- Fixed inconsistency between "Low" and "Poor" morale on Player Personal page
- Tuned human manager job offers
- Tuned human manager starting reputation
- Tuned board requests 
- Fixed bug in coaching staff training
- Various UI fixes

By Alari

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Some fixes I've been waiting for :D. 

Anyone know what the first one has fixed? Always iffy about updating to tactical changes mid save lol.

I also hope the tuning of offering players hasn't been limited, I'd hate it if the game made selling players/total rebuilds less do able. 

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