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Challenges The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge - My Attempt


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So after endless hours of searching for the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge that I'm sure I saw a few years ago and failing. I decided to make my own attempt at creating one as similar as I can remember.

(apologies for the formatting and unappealing layout, typed purely on my phone) 

So without further ado... My attempt! 


Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge:

Start: East Stirlingshire
Before moving to England must win... 

Scottish First Division x 1
Scottish Premiership x 3
Scottish Cup x 4
Scottish League Cup x 1
Cup Winners Cup x 1
Super Cup x 1 

Then Moving to England dependant on time of year either take control of the team in 19th place or the team that finished 17th last season if before November of the current season.

Then seeing out your career with this Club. 

13 Premier League Titles
FA Cup x 5
League Cup x 5
Community Shield x 9 Fergie won Ten but one was shared.
Champions League x 2
Cup Winners Cup x 1
Super Cup x 1

Optional extras

When at your final club.

Create your own 'Class of 92
Domestic Player Bias and Youth Policy 17+
10 Manager of the Year awards
27 Manager of the Month Awards

As usual no use of the usuals

Own formations etc.


Feedback much appreciated



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I've started doing this challenge but according to another post you only have 30 years which means it's impossible to replicate his career exactly.

So I'm going to start a new career with a Scottish championship side and go form there

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