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Career FMH Aber's Free Agent Save! (I need your help!)

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Alright lads FMH Aber here and I'm bringing you my first proper career on FMM2016. I've done little challenges here and there but I'm now going to post a proper career!

So I am doing it with the free agent database and there is 2 thing I need you guys to do!

Please give me a reply like this if you want to help me choose signings and what club to manage.

Team To Manage: (Team Name)

Players To Sign: (Preferably only 3 at Max)

Hope you guys enjoy this save and remember to leave a comment. :) 

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I'd prefer you to do it with LupaRoma in the italian Serie C lower league because although I'm new to fmh i struggle a lot with lower leagues. Started unemployed and i got fired 3 times consecutivly after 3 months in each club

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After the replies I've actually decided really early on to be Leeds. I'm excited 4 this and guys who should I sign for Leeds. First update either tomorrow or Friday so be quick!!

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Martin Pusic, ST, FC Midjytland, Unknown penalty box predator!

Eugene Khacheridi, CB, Dynamo Kyiv, Amazing defender!

Sofiane Boufal, LW, Losc Lille, Young perfect Winger/Inside Forward capable of playing either side!!

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