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How Will Elneny Fit In : An In-Depth Look


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How Will Elneny Fit In? : An In-Depth Look


As reports suggests,Arsenal are on verge of sealing the signature of Egyptian midfield dynamo Mohamed Elneny from FC Basel for a fee of around £7m.


With a long list of midfielders injured,most notably the likes of Coquelin,Cazorla and Wilshere,the signing of Elneny will potentially boost their midfield options until the injury worries are over.


Let us take a close look at our Egyptian friend…





Full Name : Mohamed Naser Elsayed Elneny

Age : 23

Height : 1,80m

Weight : 70 kg

Nationality : Egyptian

Position : DMC



How Will He Fit Into Arsenal?


In Real Life

As mentioned,Arsenal's midfield injury list is a long one,with defensive midfielders Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta both out,only Flamini is fit and with his contract expiring at the end of the season,Arsenal don't see him as a likely replacement.


Elneny,however,from Wenger’s vision that is,might be the signing that would not only beef up their midfield,but would be a player that would boost Arsenal and their title prospects.


There's a few roles he might be capable of playing in the middle of the park….


Ball Winning Midfielder?


With Coquelin out injured,Arsenal need a sturdy defensive midfielder who is capable of winning balls while providing cover for the backline.


Although standing at a height of 5ft 11in,Elneny is very strong both physically and mentally,he's full of determination and dynamism.


As statistics from Whoscored indicates,Elneny is very good at playing a ball-winning role,as he averages 2.4 tackles per game and 2 interceptions per game,a very decent statistic,just what Arsenal needs at the moment,since Coquelin’s injury.


Not only is Elneny good physically,he also possesses a good set of technical abilities.His style of play is usually launching attacks from midfield,exchanging passes with his teammates or just charging forward with the ball at his feet.


Box-to-Box Midfielder?


While Coquelin is good as a ball winning midfielder,his offensive statistics aren't pleasant to look at,with no goals in 45 appearances for Arsenal and an average of 0.3 shots per game,they really need a defensive minded player who is good both defensively and offensively.


While Elneny may look like a Coquelin-esque player,he already has 6 goals in 28 appearances,those usually coming from outside the box.His shots per game is 1.8.


In the Europa League,he boasts a passing accuracy of 92.4% (the highest in his team)  and averages 92 passes per game.


These statistics has proved Elneny can fit in a more versatile role as well.But with his high work rate and explosive power,the Box-to-Box role fits him just well.


Central Midfielder?


A very similar role to the box-to-box,but different in terms of movement. Elneny would be best recommended to be playing at this role as he is the perfect all round midfielder who can perform different tasks on the pitch,he can also provide stability to Arsenal's flimsy midfield.






As you can see above,Elneny’s key attributes are passing,tackling,decisions,teamwork and stamina.With that rate of stamina,he'll run all night long without ever showing glimpses of fatigue,best if you want him to play as a Box-to-Box midfielder.


Since the transfers update for FMM wouldn't be out for March,I've tested a couple of times,and found that with only England loaded,you wouldn't find Elneny,so I loaded England,Germany,France and Italy and found him easily.


At the start of the game(using Arsenal that is),he would be available for a fee of £7m.




In Arsenal’s current formation,Elneny would fit in perfectly,replacing the unprefered Flamini in the engine room,while the Ox moves wide to left and Ramsey the opposite.Elneny has a few options to pass to,he can send a long ball aiming for Giroud the pick it up,or he could play a through ball to Ozil and vice versa.




With the addition of Elneny,this Arsenal team could potentially challenge for the title once and for all after a long wait,if they keep up their momentum and get results.

Halamadrid ®

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