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Five Picks From South Korea


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Five Picks From South Korea

I've always loved players from the unplayable leagues and I often look around club by club to see what hidden gems are out there. In today's shortlist I will be featuring five players who are found playing their trade in South Korea. 

All images are from a day one save with Australia and the large database loaded 



In Leonardo you have an inside forward with plenty of greens who is in his peak years! Intensive training could turn this Brazilian into a true hidden gem as his stats are already decent for his role and should only improve, it doesn't take much imagination to picture him with green crossing, shooting, pace and decisions on top of what he already has! His wages and value are low and you can't help but think he'd be valued a lot higher if he played in Europe! 

Kim Seung-Dae


Seung-Dae is an interesting striker found at Pohang who is valued at just under one million pounds. At first glance he looks a decent option as his stats are all blue minus his tackling and he processes an eye catching 15 shooting stat. The rest of the stats he needs for his position like movement, decisions, dribbling and technique could also turn green with some time in intensive training which could make him a real bargain. 

Lim Chai-Min


Chai-Min caught my attention instantly as this one capped central defend has plenty of potential. At first he looks like a player full of blues but many of them are actually on the verge of breaking 15! With some time on defensive training it's clear to see he could soon own green heading, tackling, positioning, teamwork and physical stats! His passing is also of a good standard so he could even be used as a ball playing defender! That's not all though as he's so balanced if he takes to intensive training well he could potentially be retained into a rather handy midfielder! All these possibilities and then you see his value, if you can snap him up before he signs a new contract you could have yourself a real steal! 



Adriano is a ready made striker that could do a job for most teams. At the start of a save he already has 16 shooting, movement and pace! In Europe that would cost a decent amount but his starting value is under  a million and he has his best years ahead of him! Intensive training will improve what he has already while also nudging a number of his other stats green like his technique, passing, dribbling and decisions! 

Shin Hyung-Min


From a ready made striker to a ready made central defender as Shin Hyung-Min is the last player in this feature. The South Korean international is coming to the end of his contract which means he's valued extremely cheaply by his current club, just think how much a European player in his prime with those stats would cost! Hyung-Min is a solid ball playing defender as his decisions, tackling, positioning and passing are all solid and should improve slightly. Unfortunately he does lack pace so I'd avoid using him in a high line however his positioning and decision stats should mean he's able to read the game well enough to combat this. 

That's it for my five picks from South Korea, hopefully you enjoyed the read and discovered the quality the least used solo database has hidden away. As always thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.

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