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Challenges The Bourne Challenge

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So I did this for FMH15 just thought I would add it in here for anyone who may wish to try it on FMM16

This popular FM challenge has now been adapted so you can enjoy it on FMM

You wake up in the port of Dover(England). In you're back pocket is you're passport and a management license certificate. An old man approaches you at the port and says he remembers watching you playing on TV and then asks how you have managed to evade the authorities for this long, before you can ask him why the authorities are after you, he turns and walks off into the shadows. The phone box near you starts ringing, you walk over and answer it. A man on the other line explains that you will spend the next 15 years of you're life on the run, if you can make it to the year 2030 without being caught, you will be free to live the rest of you're life and manage wherever you like. He then gives you a set of instructions which you must adhere to, if you are to succeed. 


*You are Unemployed


*You must start of with Dover(England) to start with


*You must load England, Spain, German and France leagues.


*To keep authorities from arresting you, bribes must be paid every month. After you're "First Job" you cannot be unemployed for longer than 2 months. Meaning if you are sacked or resign, you must have a new job within 2 months and it cannot be in the same country. Otherwise you are arrested and it's game over


*You only have 4 years in each job, before you must run from the law and move country, if you stay longer, you are arrested and it's game over. (You must manage in each country twice but after 4 year you must move country's)


*If you survive that long, you earn you're freedom, congratulations you can now manage whoever you want!




* No use of PGE IGE or SE


* No save and reloads


* No unlocks to be used


* Start a career thread so we can keep track of you're progress and employment history in the form of screenshots.


* Have fun

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