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12 English Players To Keep Your Eye On

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12 English Players To Keep Your Eye On

Hello guys and welcome. In todays content I bring to you a list of talented English players that could become something special. Check them out in your current save and let me know down below how they are getting on. I do have to warn you, as they are English they won't come cheap.


Teddy Bishop



Teddy Bishop is a young talent for Ipswich Town and like the majority of players on this list, you’d be investing in his potential rather than current ability. However, despite being just 18 years old, Bishop certainly has the hallmarks to become a success.


The central midfielder already comes with excellent Passing, Technique, Dribbling, Crossing, and Creativity attributes, while he’s got some good early mental and physical attributes.


Ainsley Maitland-Niles



The name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but you’ll know the name Ainsley Maitland-Niles off-by-heart very soon if his FMM potential is anything to go by. He’s another Ipswich starlet destined for big things, albeit he’s only there on loan from Arsenal. He’s versatile in the fact that he can play in central or attacking midfield slots, but the right wing is where he’ll find the most joy.


The 17-year-old already comes with rapid pace, well-developed technical attributes and even some fantastic mental attributes. He’s already good enough for Ipswich’s squad, so who’s to say how good he could be in a few short years time. His value is higher than most on this list, but he’s worth the investment, just make sure you sign him early.


Louis Reed



Louis Reed is already racking up professional experience from a very young age, and at 17, he’s got plenty of time to realise his potential. The Sheffield United prospect is a defensive-minded central midfielder, but it’s up to you whether you want to convert him into a full-time defensive midfielder.


He’s already got the mental attributes nailed, now it’s time to get to work on the technical and physical ones that really matter. He’s not a simple player to grow, he won’t comfortably slot into any top tier sides just yet, but if you’re patient, a great player will come forth. Sign him, loan him out, and reap the rewards.


Josh Brownhill



Bringing through central midfielders is often a fun experience. They’re easy to mould and specialise to their individual talents and your needs. You can turn them into defensive minded anchormen or attacking playmakers depending on their skill-set. Josh Brownhill’s future is in your hands.


Usually a midfielder has a slight edge to either side of the ball, but the 19-year-old is perfectly balanced halfway between attack and defence. It really is your choice how you want to develop him. His weak spot comes in the physical area, with poor Strength, Pace and Stamina.


Brendan Galloway



Brendan Galloway is one of the more expensive options on the list, but he’s certainly one of the lowest risk signings you could make. He’s actually perfect for Everton with Leighton Baines starting to decline due to age and injuries, but the left back can be hauled into your side and he’d do a great job.


The 19 year old’s physical stats are impressive, and necessary if you plan on using him as a more attacking full back. Yet at the same time, his defensive stats are more than impressive, with 14 Tackling the pick of the bunch. In a few years time he’s going to be the England left back: What are you going to do about it?


Jordan Pickford




Young goalkeepers are a tricky prospect to identify. They generally develop and peak later than outfield players, but Jordan Pickford is already looking like a stellar option for the future with a stunning loan spell for Preston in the real world which saw the keeper earn 13 clean sheets in 27 games.


That form, and the decline of Costel Pantilimon’s, has earned Pickford a recall to his parent club Sunderland with a view to handing him the reins in the coming weeks. You can snap him up for a fraction of what he will be worth in future editions of the game, and his potential suggests Joe Hart will have some competition during the latter years of his career.


Aaron Kuhl



You’ll have to go north of the border to reclaim Aaron Kuhl from Scotland, but he’s worth it. He’s on loan at Dundee United, but picking him up from parent club Reading is a good move. The defensive-minded midfielder already boasts a brilliant array of attributes ranging across the three major categories. The 19-year-old requires first team football and an early transfer, but once those things happen, refining him won’t take long.


You could already give him game time in the Championship as a squad player, but regular game time is what he needs. He’s ready for it. He’s relatively inexpensive considering the cost of some alternatives, so the risk is low, but the potential rewards are huge.


Zach Clough



Real-world Bolton are a complete mess right now. They’re struggling to pay their players and stars may be forced out in January. One name many teams are casting an eye over is Zach Clough. He could be an immense signing if you’re willing to part with several million for his future.


The 20-year-old is already good enough for Championship football, with impressive mental and physical stats. He could do with some training to bring his Aerial and Positioning closer to where they need to be, but in terms of goalscoring, Clough will bag plenty thanks to his Shooting, Dribbling and general speed.


Kortney Hauser



There are some relatively cheap defensive options here, but if you’ve got a decent amount of cash to splash, Kortney Hause is the man you need. He’s almost 20 when you start the game, but his stats have improved to match his age. He’s got 14’s all over the place for his main defensive attributes, but they aren’t what make Hause so special.


The centre back’s lowest stats are 6, 7 and 8 and even then, they’re only Shooting, Dribbling and Creativity and they optional extras rather than essentials for a CB. 14’s for Pace, Strength, and Teamwork are all extremely useful, meaning you just need to keep giving Hause experience to raise his mental game and specialised training to extract his technical potential.


Demarai Gray



You don’t have long left to jump on the Demarai Gray train. The electric quick winger has captured the attention of Premier League clubs across the country, but surprise package Leicester pounced first and poached him for less than £4 million at the start of the January 2016 transfer window.


He’ll be a lot harder to acquire once the update comes out, so if you’re just starting out, get him in quickly. The 19 year old’s Pace, Technique and Dribbling should be enough to justify a decent fee, and if you can work on polishing up his game, you’ll have a gem on your hands. The fact that he’s valued so highly on FMM suggests great things are ahead.


Joe Gomez



Joe Gomez exploded onto the scene at the beginning of the season with a string of seriously impressive performances out of position for Liverpool in the real world. One look at his Football Manager stats will prove that he will follow suit in the game too. He’s just turned 18 at the beginning of the game meaning that he’s got plenty of time to improve, but his stats are already very competent.


He’s good enough for a Premier League squad though he should only be expected to cover for the first team as a last resort. A loan move would do him the world of good, with his technical and mental stats in need of tightening up. You can’t argue with those physical numbers though, and with a few years of experience under his belt. Gomez could develop into a sensational player, just make sure you sign him while he’s cheap(er).


Lewis Cook



Of course there is a Leeds Player on the list. You’ll have to be on top negotiation form with Leeds United if you want to steal him away, but the rewards will be so worth it. His physical stats are all great, already. The same could be said for his mental stats, and they’re only going to improve.


Then you come to the technical side of his game. They may look sketchy at first glance, but look closer. His Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Tackling and Technique are all more than great for an 18-year-old, with his lower ratings attributed to mostly non-essential stats such as Crossing, Aerial and Leadership. He will take a chunk out of your budget, but he’ll repay your faith with 15 years of impeccable service if you give him a fair chance.


Well guys I hope this does help you and as I mentioned I would like you to drop some screenshot of how these players are developing in your current saves.

Comments and feedback is appreciated. 



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Galloway and also Mason Holgate with IT turn into real solid Premier League players. Galloway gets called up to England pretty quickly given enough game time too.

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16 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Galloway and also Mason Holgate with IT turn into real solid Premier League players. Galloway gets called up to England pretty quickly given enough game time too.

I have just looked at Holgate. He looks like he definitely has the right attributes to become a class player.

15 hours ago, PriZe said:

Nice write up m8! Great work :)

Thanks for taking time to read it

13 hours ago, Ashez said:

Nice work, you've brought a few players to my attention :) 

That's what I was hoping to do

9 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

Ipswich players? Really?!

Yep what is wrong with that?

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I've read this 5 times, did tons of tests. These are some players you got. Almost all on my youth list. Like Dec said, Hughes is an amazing player. He should have a place up there. Great Work! :D 

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41 minutes ago, Dec said:

Nice work, have you considered Will Hughes? Galloway is a top, top player. Probably one of the best you can buy early on.


33 minutes ago, Risheek said:

I've read this 5 times, did tons of tests. These are some players you got. Almost all on my youth list. Like Dec said, Hughes is an amazing player. He should have a place up there. Great Work! :D 

I to have done the tests and although Hughes is a very good player in 5 years time he just didn't have the same growth. Thank you for the suggestion he was on the list of 20 players i had at first as was Oxford but they for whatever reason didn't grow as much as the others.

Edited by JustM1kePlays
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3 hours ago, stefanusgoldi said:

a really nice list mate

i just wanted to add callum gribbin on that list, if he gets the minutes he needed and IT, he'll become a beast

Thank you. He again was one player on my original draft. He is really inconsistent during my tests. However he is definitely worth a mention as 9 time out of ten he does become a beast

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I can personally attest to the quality of Josh Brownhill, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Lewis Cook. I've used them in various saves and they all become great players. Josh Brownhill is great in FMH15 as well.

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