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Tactics Tactic Testers needed


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I forgot to post it sorry mate

Here's the result for half of a season


a pretty decent yet a little inconsistent tactic which we can see it form here


The tactic and role player


The goals and assistsScreenshot_2016-01-12-09-54-16.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-01-12-09-54-23.thumb.png

Striker's form



1. I get shot a lot from the opposition, where i could only get 5 or so Shoots on Target

2. Can't really hold up against big teams

3. The striker didn't get many goals

4. It's rarely to get a comfortably win like 4 - 0 or so

Strengths :

1. APM get a lot of assists

2. Not too much cards even the tackling is commited


A pretty decent tactic, can take Everton to big 3 even its only half of the season

IMO, you can get some tweaking like ;

1. Change your BBM to CM

2. Change TM to Poacher

3. Change your center defender to a LiD

I haven't tested it yet but i think it will work

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 i actually wanted my players be dominent in their areas effective well thanks mate i will give it a try and i guess not only tactic is enough i had set intense training so the squad can improve again thanks for your time mate

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