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Tactics Formation S (EME)


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Greetings. Today I bring you a tactic that I have used for a season and a half that I call Formation S (you'll see why). I've been tweaking it here and there and it seems stable enough to share. Note that I've only tried it with Arsenal and only on the enhanced engine. It should work with any decent team though. However, I don't think it will work too well on the OME. 

Here's how it looks like:





Yeah, it's pretty obvious that it's an offensive formation. Hence, to balance it out, I play a centreback as a LD. One of the player traits of a LD is that he will 'stay back at all times'. The DL is a fullback to provide more defensive support while the DR is a wingback who will charge up and down the right flank all day. 


The most central midfielder is your most defensive one and will need good passing and tackling. Ideally, you will want someone who has the role traits 'stops play' and 'dictates tempo'. He provides defensive support and actually sits in front of the two central defenders, which you can actually see in action later. The two B2Bs will drift into the empty spaces at the right and left, allowing the fullback and wingback to overlap them and whip in crosses.


Here's the beauty of the tactic. The role of the AML is to cut inside and sit behind the two strikers when attacking, essentially making the formation a 4-3-3. He will provide a lot of assists and shots, which is why he is the primary outlet. This position can be in IF as well, difference is that he will shoot more and pass less. The designated primary attacker is the Trequarista, who acts as a secondary creative outlet for the AF to capitalise upon. Playing a poacher instead of an advanced forward works too.




Not too shabby. Chelsea has been a major pain the ass the entire save though. They bought Aguero and Hummels, making them bloody hard to beat.


Major blip against Liverpool here.


Revenge on Chelsea!

How it looks like in the EME



Here you can see no.9 (Ozil) starting to move from his original position on the left.


Continuing from above, you can see that no.6 (Cubas) actually passed the ball to no.7 (Casemiro) who in turn passes it to Ozil, who is now in the centre. 


As you can see, Ozil managed to attract 3 opposing players to himself, leaving his fellow strikers to deal with only 1 defender each. Good defensive play by Derby though. Note that no.7 (Casemiro) sits back, ready to deal with counter-attacks.

Hope this tactic works well for you, cheers!

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The left side looks a bit crowded, the APM needs space to dive in, and with a bbm booming up the front that would limit him. You tried using a cm to support the apm and AF?

anyways always good to see new tactics posted :D kiu

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