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Leicester City - Mahrez and Vardy


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I have started a season with Leicester using the Enhanced Match Engine. Now I'm unsure if the update has been released for IOS but I am doing very well and currently second in the League behind arsenal with Mahrez and Vardy performing at real life quality...


Is this a bug that Leicester stats have been hugely ramped up with the update or am I just doing well?

p.s - I will be looking at posting a career at some point


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I don't think it's anything to do with the update, Leicester were my first save on release day and I finished 4th on goal difference playing 4411 with both playing front two positions.

Leicester are a pretty solid squad with 1 or 2 astute signings.

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Players are only adjusted in the March update (the transfer update) so they've seen no change based on this season's performances. 

That's how it used to be anyway. 

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