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Chat Kirkland Best GK Coach?

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On a recent save playing as Fc United I signed Kirkland and then offered him a coaching role. 

All of a sudden my keepers are delighted with him and their stats shoot up faster than I've ever saw happen, unfortunately I weren't a member here so had no reason to save screen's, ... anyhow...

I thought I'd do the process again and share the results with my new friends 




Perfect timing the above came at, Hart and caberlero were both injured for a week or so and so I saw the above as a sign.



Yes that really is 10 goals for Shrek.

Handed in resignation. 

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Oh! I didn't realize he lost. O.o! Please post AI's tactic if you saved the match.

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The most goals by a single player I've seen, until now, was executed by Ronaldo on my Real Madrid save he hit 7 and it was against Barcelona. The power of using him as a lone striker is real.

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