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Challenges The Lord Challenge

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So me and Ljubisaf61 came up with an idea to make the Lords live up to their names (Lord Bendtner and Lord Welsh Xavi/Pirlo what ever you want to call him.)

So the rules are 

1. Start with Liverpool 
2. Buy Lord Bendtner 
3. Sell everyone that makes the lords jobs harder
4. Play the lords every game they can (You can't play them if they are under 60% fitness, injured or suspended)
5. Get Lord Bendtner top goalscorer and lord welsh xavi/pirlo top assister

When you have done this leave the screenshots in the comments 


Warning Lord Bendtner cannot finish a chicken curry and Lord Welsh Xavi/Pirlo cannot even assist the plate of curry. (So its a difficult challenge!)

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8 hours ago, AlanD173 said:

That's impossible, and forgive my ignorance but why are they "lords"?

Its not impossible I'm actually doing really well with Allen on 10 assists in 14 games and bendtner on 14 goals in 15 games (Allen was injured so he missed a game) and surely you've heard of Lord Bendtner and Allen came from basically doing the same things as Bendtner did

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