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Loading more leagues on Android?


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Hey guys,

So I am playing on an Android Tablet and I must say the specs are pretty average but i'm sure it could run multiple leagues but the option is not there saying my device cannot handle it? This happened on my old tablet aswell and that tablet was an absolute machine. I was wondering is there a way round this because I always enjoyed having the option to bounce to different countries if I got bored on FMH but I can't do that anymore. I read a topic on the site that said I had to root the device but every time I search how to root my tablet it gives some bollocks about paying or something like that...


Any help?



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No way around really...you could try restarting your device, shutting down any background apps etc as FMM will asses based on VRAM, Heap size etc 


The other not recommended way is to root the device and then modify these values.

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