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Aleksandr Mostovoi


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I love hearing about players who were flawed geniuses and could have been a Maradona or Messi but due to injuries or temperament failed to have the impact they should have done. In a way it's good they didn't, as it adds to the allure and mysteriousness of them. Aleksandr Mostovoi, Alvaro Recoba and Jorge Alberto González Barillas (Magico Gonzalez) spring to mind. does anybody have any other suggestions? And could anybody make them in the IGE with life-like stats?

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Going way back you have George Best, despite his off field antics he was still brilliant. It's crazy to think what he might of been had he dedicated his life to football. 

Gascoigne and Ronaldinho are two others that immediately spring to mind although Gazzas leg break in the FA Cup final against Forest went some way to curtail his genius. 

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