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The Two Shades of Madrid

The Two Shades Of Madrid

It’s not a secret that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been banned from registering new players in the next two transfer windows, FIFA announced on Thursday.

FIFA's disciplinary committee said the two clubs "violated several provisions concerning the international transfer and first registration" of players under 18 years of age.

Real and Atletico were each issued a transfer ban to last across two windows for breaking FIFA rules.

Pending appeals, neither club will be allowed to register new players until the summer of 2017. However, both clubs may register new players during the current transfer window until it closes on Feb. 1.

When the ban is in place, both clubs will still be able to buy players, as Barcelona did with Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal last summer while still under their transfer ban. However, such players would not be eligible to play for the club until after the ban has been lifted.

So, quite ordinarily, both clubs are scrambling to make their transfer offers. Real have had a good 8-10 players linked with them this season, and Atletico not much, 3. Well, this will certainly make life easier, for me. This is because, I will take in in-depth look at all their transfer targets, give some alternatives and identify a few positions and players, in that position, for both teams to look to sign.


Atletico Madrid

Transfers of 2016


Augusto Fernandez

Matias Kranevitter


The two signings have been Augusto Fernandez from Celta and Matias Kranevitter. Matias was already at Atletico but at loan at River.

Matias Kranevitter



Cost: 11.25M

Kranevitter is an amazing player. He fills up the back part of Atletico Midfield, the only hindering fact about their midfield. He has 17 decisions, 17 positioning and 16 teamwork. An ideal midfielder all around who can work with the team. He has 16 stamina as well which is absolutely marvellous.

Augusto Fernandez


Cost: 6M

An unneeded player in my opinion. Atletico are full of astounding wingers like, Griezmann. However, Fernandez could be a very useful back-up. He has an absolutely wonderful 17 crossing, 18 decisions and 16 team work. An absolute amazing winger who can work with the team well

Transfer Rumors


So, a major concern for Atletico is that they have a leaky defence. Diego Simeone has already identifies a few plays that could solve him this problem


Mario Rui


Cost: 3.9M

The Portuguese wing back looks amazing, especially for a player with lower league table side, Empoli. His tackling stands at 15 which is quite good for a 24 year old. His stamina is also at 15, so he can last not only the full ninety but even continue after that. His crossing is, coincidentally, also 15. Crossing is very important for every wing-back and one with this kind of crossing is surely remarkable

While Rui looks like the perfect guy for Atletico, there are other fish in the sea


Caner Erkin



A known player, Erkin is definitely one of the game’s best, young wing-backs. Look at those astonishing stats, look at them! 19 crossing, for a wing back! That’s something that stands out about Erkin. Actually, not only that, but he can play anywhere on the left side other than the attack. Then is his physical stats, 15 pace and 16 stamina. Pace is important for every wing-back as the role requires them to get on the run to support their team mates, and it can happen any time. Then, is his stamina. 16 stamina is class; he will not tire out going here and there helping his mates

Diego Costa



 An ex-Atletico player and an absolute beast! His attacking stats are incredible, the one standing out being the 18 shooting. He has 17 creativity, 18 decisions and 18 movement. Then there is his physical stat of 16 stamina and 17 strength. His stamina is amazing and sufficient so that he will not burn out in-game. However, his 20 aggression is the only fact that is bad. An astonishing player all-round


Costa’s settled well at Chelsea and the chances of him coming back are next to 0 and the Atletico attack in phenomenal, so why do they want more? That’s a question I’ll have to ask Simeone. On the second hand, Atletico only need a back-up, something Costa will not be. However, for the time being, I got one guy who can be there instead of Costa.




Juanmi is currently a back-up at Southampton, and with Austin coming in it wipes out 99% of his chances of playing, so he is ok to move back to Spain. Malaga are also interested in him, and would you blame them? Looks at his stats, 15 shooting at 22. Not only that but 16 dribbling, he’ll easily be able to get past the defences of the best teams.

Atletico Problems:

The defensive midfield is not looking that good with the only good fact being Kranevitter. Only one decent DMC, a major trophy is unlikely. Here are some possible targets

Scott Brown:



General stats are extremely important for a defensive midfielder and Brown’s stats make my mouth water. His stats are absolutely devastating. 15 decisions, 18 leadership, 15 movement, 15 positioning and 18 teamwork. Absolutely astonishing. However, I haven’t seen him play in real life and I am not sure he’s the best player. But his FMM stats are amazing.


When you saw Brown, you would’ve asked yourself, who is this. Brown is not a well-known player and this decreases chances of him joining, that’s why I have a more well-known option.

Ander Herrera



Look at him, look at him. The perfect player isn’t he. His general stats, like Brown are totally brutal. Though he is an APM, he can also play in midfielder’s position, which is his natural. His movement and positioning will ensure he will be at the right place at the right time. His creativity will ensure that he has different moves for different time and can get the ball to the striker


Defence is another problem that Atletico have. Their defence is pretty much ageing and will not be good enough to go one season without any improvements. However, the man who will fix this is already in Atletico.




This pic was taken from the Italy database and shows him in Atletico first team, but in reality, he is in the B team. His tackling is amazing at 15 for a 19 year old. His positioning, teamwork and decisions are also solid at 15. This kid will one day become an amazing player.


You aren’t going to need an alternative to Lucas as he is pretty much free, but if you think he lacks experience, here’s another player for you:

Aymeric Laporte



An amazing player and young. Somebody who can serve Atletico well in that one year ban they have. He has 18 tackling, great for a 21 year old. His positioning and decisions are good as well, so he knows what to do and where to be at which point of time. Last but not least, his physical stats. 15 Pace and Stamina, great. His stamina is just behind at 14, which is not that bad either.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid is a very free-spending side and with the transfer ban, they are reported to be on a 250M Premier League raid. They have plenty of targets and plenty of positions where they need reinforcements. Let’s take a look in,

Trasnfer Rumors

David De Gea



We all know about the brilliance names David De Gea.  Ashez just did an article on him and Mignolet. His stats are absolutely, terrific. Premier league sides are scared of the man. His reflexes, 20, will ensure he can dive. His handling is great as well, 18. An amazing player


With the DDG saga that happened in summer, it is highly unlikely that he will go to the Spanish Giants. But there are others who Madrid might want to look into:

Bernd Leno



Look at those stats! 18 reflexes, he might be just as good as DDG. His handling is also at 18. Is this the second Neuer? His keeping stats are amazing, 18 agility and 15 kicking. It’s safe to say, he will be widely wanted later in his career. However, Madrid has that opportunity now, to pick up the next Neuer

Edinson Cavani



Sergio Aguero



Madrid has targeted these two as their back-ups to no.1 striker Benzema. Both are the game’s best strikers and are from South America.

Cavani is looking great with 20 shooting and 16 dribbling. His general stats are not bad either for a world class striker. However, his 19 stamina stands out. 19 stamina means he can play 2 matches instead of one on the same day, bac-to-back.

Then there is Aguero, he is better than Cavani. A perfect 20 in shooting, passing and dribbling would want to make anybody drool. His general stats could be better for a player of his calibre. His stamina is also at a solid 15. So he wouldn’t mind doing training 5 times a week instead of 4.


 Both these players are out of the world there is no way their club will let them go. Zlatan’s contract at PSG is running out so they are gonna need Cavani. Man City, have made it clear that  they won't sell him for any price and who will keep them as a back-up. It’s either full play or no play. So let’s see who can work the Madrid attack as back-up to Benzema

Alvaro Morata



Morata has already been linked to Madrid. However, Juventus has said that they will not sell. Is it a question as to why? Of course not! His stats are the reason. 19 shooting and 18 dribbling guarantees the fact that he can get past the defender and score. Of course, he is an amazing back-up. Like I said before, Juventus have said “no” but when money comes into play, every player has a price.

Javier Hernandez




Hernandez had been on loan at Madrid last season so Madrid are familiar with his skill and talent. His stats look decent and his shooting stands out at 17. He also has 16 movement. When these two traits are combined, it makes a deadly striker, who can move when needed and shoot at the right time.

Christian Benteke



 Benteke is already out if favour at Klopp’s Liverpool team, and it seems like Liverpool are ever-ready to discard him. However, Madrid might pick him up, because of his amazing stats. The 24 year old has 17 shooting, 15 dribbling and 15 movements. He can dribble past defenders, shoot when needed and adjust to the direction of the ball.

Jamie Vardy



The record breaker Vardy can be great for Madrid. His physical stats are totally astonishing, every player should have that. His general stats aren’t bad either. However, the one that stands out is his 19 aggression. How is that even possible? I’ve never seen him in a fight. But if SI said it it must be right.

Real Madrid has only one natural DMC, Casemiro. He isn’t the best DMC in the world, and when Xabi was there, there was not a problem. Now that he is gone, we have to see who can take up that position,

Emre Can



Can is a Liverpool DMC who might as well just be the reason, along with Firmino, the Liverpool Midfield is so strong. Can has 17 passing which is top for a DMC. His physical stats are top-notch 15 pace and strength along with 16 stamina. There is also the 15 technique that he has, which is also a handy stat for Emre.


Geoffrey Kondogbia



Geoffrey is a good young DMC. He, like Emre Can, also possesses 17 passing. He has 15 tackling so he can get the ball if the defenders fail to. His creativity is a very interesting fact that he would love to exploit. His physical stats stand out, at 16 stamina and 18 strength. He can surely muscle his way and get the ball to the striker. Kondo is an amazing player who deserves more than Inter, like Madrid.

Paul Pogba



Paul Pogba is being chased by the top sides such as Madrid , Barcelona and even Chelsea. The reason is obvious, he has full golds. Other than his crossing, which is not important for a midfielder anyway, his attacking stats are all gold. His dribbling and passing are at 18, so he can easily get his balls to the striker, and when he can’t, he will make sure he brings it up to the striker and hand feeds him the ball. His general stats are good too, 17 movement.


Pogba is not gonna come cheap. He has also said he is happy at Juventus. In the case Madrid do not get him, who can they get:

Juan Fernando Quintero



Quintero is a class player, who is liked by many members of Vibe. His crossing stands at 15, a handy for an APM. However, what stands out is his 16 dribbling and passing. This is what is important for the APM. He can dribble and possibly get in the goals, and since his passing is so high, he can get the ball to the striker. He isn’t any Pogba but a very useful option.

Eden Hazard



Real Madrid is showing interest in him to fix their winger problems. Hazard is a phenomenon; he has a perfect 20 in dribbling, 18 in passing and 16 in shooting. Like I said, phenomenon. He can dribble past the defenders, get a shot or two and score it, and in any case he isn’t in the correct position, he can just pass it to the striker

Leroy Sane



Sane looks decent. Not that good right now, but he is player with potential. His dribbling looks great at 16 and that too at such a tender age. His shooting at 15 shows that he can get between the goals. His pace looks good at 16, a fast winger is always great.

Hazard looks amazing, but would you really place him in a team with Bale and Ronny? Is he a backup? Answer is no! Let’s see who can be a decent back up. For Leroy, there is no reason not to not buy him. He is an improving player who can become a great player, like a certain Muller. For me buying Sane is a good option, but having no.2 is good as well, let’s see who can get the place of back-up winger

Andre Schurrle



Schurrle looks good; his stats have caught my eye in many saves. He has the stats every winger should have. 16 crossing, 18 dribbling and 17 shooting. He works well with the wings, get in with the goals and even helps his teammates, update their goal tally. His physical stats are good too, 16 stamina. His stamina demonstrates that he will not tire out easily

Ivan Perisic



Perisic is a vital player of Inter and it’s because of the stats he possesses. He has 15 dribbling, 19 shooting and 15 passing. This looks like a solid player doesn’t it? He can dribble past the best defences, score easily and if he feels good, get the ball to his teammates who will score

Real Madrid Problems

Real Madrid does not have enough CBs with Pepe ageing. So let’s see who else can take up the Centre defender position with Ramos.

Mats Hummels



What a player. He has an astonishing 19 tackling which is ideal for any defender. He has a great 20 decisions which is very good if he becomes the next Madrid captain. His physical stats are good as well, 15 shooting and 16 strength. He won’t have a problem muscling out strikers that come in his way.


Eugene Khacheridi



He has an amazing 17 tackling and 17 passing. Great for a defender. He has 15 decisions and 15 teamwork along with 20 positioning, something remarkable for any player. These wonderful stats demonstrate he is a great back-up to Hummels.


Talking about the defence department, we also have a shortage of wingbacks. Let’s see who can fit here

Jose Gaya



Do I need to explain? 16 crossing which is amazing for a wing-back at this age. He also has 15 at tackling which is world class. His general stats aren’t bad either, 16 movements and positioning are eye catching. Last but not least, his physical stats. They look great at 16 pace and 15 stamina which is great.


Jaume Costa



A less known player in Spain. Costa plays for Valencia and has a contract until 2017. There is no reason to explain why Valencia wants to hold on to him. His general stats are phenomenal, 15 movement and positioning, 16 teamwork. His tackling isn’t bad at 16 either. His physical stats stand out, 17 stamina! What a player


This was a great experience, in which I learned a lot about the Madrid teams. I felt they had perfect squads, but after an in-depth look, there were a lot of holes that I tried to cover. This was extremely long and I have tried to shorten it. I hope you enjoyed

Thanks for viewing


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That's nice !

Though I was waiting for a sample career when you put your effort on showing how these players settle into these teams and the 2 seasons results with them. 

Great read anyway mate! Keep on ! :) 

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14 minutes ago, Toji said:

That's nice !

Though I was waiting for a sample career when you put your effort on showing how these players settle into these teams and the 2 seasons results with them. 

Great read anyway mate! Keep on ! :) 


Wouldve been too much. Well, at least I know my simulations are enjoyed

Thanks again

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Nice article overall but I don't quite like the alternatives.. juz some of them like the diego costa one is just meaningless..

some of the options are too common and popular too... i would like to see more like Jaume Costa and Juanmi instead of Hazard and Pogba.

Despite that, it is still a GREAT article and a great idea

Good Job Rs

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2 minutes ago, Lunar Strike said:

Nice article overall but I don't quite like the alternatives.. juz some of them like the diego costa one is just meaningless..

some of the options are too common and popular too... i would like to see more like Jaume Costa and Juanmi instead of Hazard and Pogba.

Despite that, it is still a GREAT article and a great idea

Good Job Rs

Those weren't alternatives. Those were some they were really linked with. Under alternatives was who I felt could be a better option 

i also prefer all those guys to the popular ones. But That's Madrid for you


Good to know 3 days didn't go in vain

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56 minutes ago, Fish18ish said:

You've under estimated some of those costs. City would want more for Aguero and to think Vardy could leave for £7 million is joke.

That's their starting value and not their buying cost as the screenshots show. Putting a buying cost would have been more worthwhile though tbh. 

Anyway fantastic work @Risheek, some names I'm not familiar with while also including some favourites :) 

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2 hours ago, Ashez said:

That's their starting value and not their buying cost as the screenshots show. Putting a buying cost would have been more worthwhile though tbh. 

Anyway fantastic work @Risheek, some names I'm not familiar with while also including some favourites :) 


I Guess I'll do that in my next ones

3 hours ago, Fish18ish said:

You've under estimated some of those costs. City would want more for Aguero and to think Vardy could leave for £7 million is joke.

Like Ashez said, starting price

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