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Career The English Abroad Challenge - The Attempt


Where should I fly to first?  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Where should I fly to first?

    • Spain
    • Italy
    • France

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Hi Guys, my name is Jay, known as ZNQZ.

I have been inactive for a while round here but now I am back and ready to kick off a new story, I had one of the first stories posted on here for FMM2016 which was my FC United of Manchester story which I done very well in but never finished but will be soon, don't worry I didn't chicken out on it I still have my save for anyone who followed the story! :) 

But on to the main topic, I am starting my attempt at the challenge I made on FMH2013,  The English Abroad Challenge. Here is a link to the updated challenge on the FMM2016 Challenges area. http://vibe.community/forums/topic/34004-the-english-abroad-challenge/

I have not decided on a team as of yet but I would like you guys to pick my first country out of Spain, Italy or France. Please vote on the poll at the top of the page :)

Whichever country has the most votes by 6PM UK time I will fly off to that country on the game and start off my challenge. If you are not familiar with the challenge or rules please read them on the on link above for everything on the challenge.

Thanks guys and get voting!

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So Spain it is!

and where am I jetting off to in Spain....


Yes that's right, I am off to Valencia!


A team currently struggling in real life but are fairly decent on FMM so I thought i'd go with them. Also they were the first team to pop into my head because of Gary Neville managing there aswell. Maybe he might get somewhere if he signs English players aswell...

Anyways on to pre-season and transfers.


Pre-Season Friendlies


Bit of a disappointing result to be honest, we dominated the game but no end product, still a win though so that's a positive.



Ayooooo, that's what i'm talking about, big Charlie Austin banging 4 away as we win 9-0! The English boys have got the hang of it now.



Returning to the UK so early? No of course not, only a friendly and another win it is. That man Charlie Austin popping up again.


Transfers IN:





Transfers OUT:





First Game of the Season


Not too impressed with the first game but it can always get better and we did get a win so, well done lads.


Update soon!

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