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Challenges The 200 International Goal Challenge


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So as I was trying to achieve this during my 1000 Goal Challenge I thought I would add it up with all the other challenges. I don't think it has been added on for a few seasons.


Credit to @anfieldsquirrelfor setting the challenge up first.

Basically this is the international version of the 1000 goal challenge. Start with a young player preferably. Try and get 200 goals with any player for their country.


1. Player can be real or regen (preferably real but regen is okay)

2. Not allowed to use previous international goals. So if a player starts with 50 goals then he has to finish with 250 it has to be 200 under your management.

3.. You have to manage the country the player plays with, eg; you can't be at a club and then take the credit if he gets 200.

4. You can enter the leader board as many times as you want.


Anthony Martial - France - 289 goals - 131 Caps - Member: Danovic78

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1 hour ago, Ashez said:

Only the start as ITN manager one

So I am just looking at my next challenge but would like to have another player try for 200 goals, am ok to start at my desired club and national team to qualify or do I need to just go for International career on its own?

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