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5 tips to enjoy FMM16 more


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Getting bored of Football Manager Mobile 2016? These 5 simple tips can help you take a step back and find a career that will help you get back into the game.


Pick your favourite club

Playing as your favourite club may reignite a love affair for the game as you want to do well. As you know a lot about the team it can make the game easier and success all that sweeter.


Be specific with your aims

Sometimes it is the motivation to play as there is nothing to aim for. Challenges like scoring 1000 goals with a certain player are known for bringing players' love affair back. Try and start a career with set aims like winning specific trophies in set years or getting players to perform in certain ways (like 1000 goals for one player).


Take the game less seriously

It is so easy to pick a club you think you will enjoy then not. However there is a solution. Don't be so serious about the game. Things like getting Heskey's total career goals to 100 can be short and fun. Sometimes quick challenges that test you but don't infuriate you as they are fun could be what you need. Other ideas could include picking a dominate team in a league (e.g. Celtic) and playing an absurd formation just to see how it fares OR only play with players from different nations.


Use MyClub

MyClub can be really fun if approached in the right way. Creating a bunch of your friends into a career can lead to a light-hearted game full of connection to each player. Creation can also be of your favourite club such as Chelsea 1960/61 to see how they fare now. The possibilities are literally endless!

Other uses can be a collection of your favourite players or players on a certain theme such as ex-FMM wonderkids using Scrapbook. All of these can lend to a game that may not be that serious but can really rekindle your love for the game as they can keep your engaged for hours and hours on end.


Play with an Editor

Like MyClub you can be creative with the In-Game Editor and Pre-Game Editor.

With the In-Game Editor you can move players to impossible clubs - Messi to Portsmouth anyone?, just to see how they do! You could also make yourself super rich for a save that is just about buying the best and winning because who doesn't love that?

For the Pre-Game Editor there are so many options such as everyone as Free Agents, A Super League or a new unplayable Nation/League. You can go as far as you like as if you really want to play an idea it is worth the editing. If you want San Marino to be playable why not spend an hour making a quick database as it will get you more hours of enjoyment. Then either leave it there or go fully unrealistic by putting Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo into the team to make it a bit easier and see how well the minnows can fare with the World's best players. Everything is up to you but the possibilities are only limit by you.


Of course all of these are just ideas in the aim of inspiring you. If something appeals to you then do it, don't worry as it is your game and it is for your enjoyment.

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