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Career Cristian Pavon-The 200 INT Goal Challenge


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Cristian Pavon

200 International Goal Challenge


Hi Guys,

So, you should remember that I started a 1KC and 200 INT goal challenge. However, due to the void of the 1KC I couldn't.

So, I have decided to do the 200 INT Challenge alone. This is because I have done the 1KC and I have a bigger plan for later on

So, the 200 INT Challenbe alone, this time.

The Plan

So, quite simple. I score 200 INT goals with one player. This was actually from @anfieldsquirrel however, it was brought back by @danovic78, so credits to both for this amazing challenge.


I had chosen Pavon for my first try, however, in less than 24 hrs I was not sure. This was actually because Pavon is from Argentina

Argentina, is full of amazing strikers, so I was unsure if I could or should do the wrong

I then went to test, 3 different players, Pavon(again), Tyler Roberts and Aaron Leya Iseka.

Iseka is a Belgium attacker who turns out amazing. I found him when I was testing out Tieleman. However, he did not turn out as good as Pavon

So, Pavon was now first choice, and I got to Roberts. However, Roberts only went into 12 stamina from his original 10

So, Pavon has turned out my choice again! Let's look at him

Cristian Pavon


image.thumb.png.82f541799e7648a2869932c4We all know how he's gonna turn out. It's a pity I can't train him as an international manager. He turns out just as good as Aguero. 

Ending Statement

That's it for now. I hope you are looking forward to this career. I am already 1 season in and I am thoroughly enjoying this. Another plus point is that INT management is way faster than club management. I have less games, but there is a lot of time wasted "continuing" but it was worth it, every game was amazing. Some big wins also there. That's it for me, for now. Storyline coming up

Thanks for viewing


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El Monumental, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Risheek Sharma with

-Argentina Captain:Lionel Messi

- Argentina Football Association President: Luis Segura


Very good afternoon to everybody. So, I have started my tenure as Argentina manager, and I do know, that some are confused by my hiring. Rest assured, I will be trying my best to lead Argengina to all the international cups, including the prestigious World Cup. Well, let the questions begin

How do you think of the current squad?

An amazing squad, however it lacks the youth part. This team is full of greats, Messi,Pastore, Romero. But it isn't with the young kids. We will see a few young additions, I know one already however, I won't revealing anything.

This squad won 2nd place in the World Cup, how can they need improvements other than trainings?

They did, however I can assure you I will win the World Cup. When too much experience is there, players are making their own strategies. Messi could be thinking let me cut in and get the ball to Aguero. Aguero could be thinking Messi will score. And the pass goes out. The young factor will bring creativity into the squad with the fact that they are young, not that smart with the game. They will simply wait for the ball to come here, and not bother to make a strategy. 

Let's progress from that topic, Risheek you are now a manager, any past experience?

Not much in playing, I had a brief spell with Lions XII in Singapore. I progressed to many apprenticeships with Carlos Queiroz, Guus Hiddink and Andre Vilas Boas. I was assistant manager at Coventry City and Rangers. Was manager at Oxford for 3 1/2 months before I resigned due to personal reasons.

Last question, what are your expectations from the ongoing season

We are already on the top  of the table, 3 wins and one loss. I think just finish first, get into the WC. That's all we have for this season.

Thank you everybody, I hope we have more meetings like this and less to the negative side. 

The End

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The 200 International Goal Challenge

I am back with the first update of this challenge. Of what I can hope is an interesting and enjoyable career for you guys. My format is going to be like, I’ll post the 3 games I felt were the best, then post the WC Qualifier group. Last but not least, I will post Pavon’s profile. I don’t want this to be too long so I’ll get started.


                                                      Season 1



A good first game for the youngster, starting with 2 goals in the space of 5 minutes.




Yes, so the last game of the season. 2 goals and the offside one could have made his hattrick, but unfortunately it wasn’t



The best for the last. A priceless game where he picked up 5 goals, count it 5. Absolutely wonderful. Really helped his tally with Di Maria helping out.


World Cup Qualifiers


So I had actually started with 4 games played already. 3 wins and 1 loss, so I am unbeaten, and I hope it continues this way. The amount of goals we scored was astounding.


Cristian Pavon


He hasn’t moved clubs even though he got such an amazing season with Brazil, and I think I he had scored 15 goals in 35 games for Boca. How has nobody noticed him?!


So, that’s all from me and I hope you enjoyed. This is kind of a dream start, but it can improve from here, especially considering that the World Cup is coming up. One season after that, the Copa America.

Thanks for Reading


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18 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Solid start mate, he's developing some nice stats for sure :) 

He is, isn't he, thanks for the comment

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The 200 INT Goal Challenge


Hi guys, a bit irritated at the moment, due to the irritation of an iphone, I wrote all this already but have to re-wrote it. So, this year was the year I actually finished the WC Qualifiera, and lets see how I do

Season 2


So, it is another game against Paraguay I will start with. It's 3-0 this time with Pavon picking up 2 out of the 3


another 3-0 game, with Pavon picking up 2, once again. Bringing us over the line with Mascherano scoring for fun


Yet, after 2 games with 2 goals successively, this time he got a hat trick, which is great! Hopefully has more such performances

World Cup Qualifiers(SAM)


Winning it, with flying colours. The WC coming up next season and hopefully I get 15+'goals due to not only the WC but also the Copa America qualifiers


Cristian Pavon


Pavon, has finally moved clubs to PSG, they had been showing interest for a while, and it had been completed, this'll help his development a whole lot which is great for me! This time he hit 12 goals again, despite having 3 more games compared to last season, maybe 15 was better, but I will take it


A great season seeing the performances, Pavon and us getting into the WC. Now all we need is to win the WC!

Thanks for viewing


Edited by Risheek
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Solid going so far. I'm sure he will get a move soon, he normally does from what I have seen.

Always a bit tougher in South America as there is better teams than Europe and not any real easy games.

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Just now, danovic78 said:

Solid going so far. I'm sure he will get a move soon, he normally does from what I have seen.

Always a bit tougher in South America as there is better teams than Europe and not any real easy games.


Hopefully, will really make it good for him, better training and all

I hope to take that on!

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1 hour ago, Risheek said:


Hopefully, will really make it good for him, better training and all

I hope to take that on!

Hang on, the last screenshot shows he has moved to PSG? 

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Season 3

Welcome back guys. It was an important year as this year was the first WC for Pavon! He made sure he impressed. Due to that, my three games will be the quarters, semis and final. Enjoy.



Edged it out, a very disappointing game but we got in nonetheless


Our AMC managed to get us over the line with a last minute goal



Pavon finally got involved with 2 goals, and we lifted the WC! My first in FMM16 if I'm not wrong!

The group:


We got the group of death, however we managed to pull through. Only that draw with Spain




Yea, so more improvement in him which is great. However, he only got 9 goals this season, which will be a blow. He will need about 15 next season to get on track


We are the Champions! The new WC holders, Argentina

Great work from the lads and I really enjoyed it. Pavon will have to steer back but nothing he can't manage

Thanks for viewing 


Edited by Risheek
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Season 4


Welcome back guys,

This year we had the Copa America, which brought as plenty of goals and helping Pavon a whole lot.The usual, the quaters,semis and finals of the Copa


Quater Finals


Pavon, helping out by a single goal but I it was more than enough to secure us the semis

Semi Finals


A magical hattrick! Pavon got a hattrick which is an amazing acheievment, we are in the finals!



Another Hattrick! Back to back hattricks for Pavon. But that's not the only good news, we won the Copa!

Copa Groups


A walk in the park 

WC Qualifier Groups


Only that single draw but nothing crucial. 



Great stats, maintaining his star quality. He banged a mind blowing 24 goals and those hattricks are proof enough. A great player, and I can see the challenge, completed, on the other side of the river


So, a great season. Lifting the Copa in my first try. Doing so is always amazing and I hop we continue this record and hit even more !

Thanks for viewing


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