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The EME is unplayable...


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I just can't for the life of me get into the EME. I don't know whether it's an android only  issue but it takes over 12mins to complete a game! I can complete half a season on the OME by the time i've played four on the new engine.

I was extremely excited for this version because i thought SI would be putting all their efforts on improving the EME. However, i've abandoned every save i've played because this game just isnt fun for me anymore. 

On the off chance that i get an hour to sit down and play, i dont want to be watching the ingame clock run down almost in real time with hardly any commentary and maybe 1 or 2 pitch highlights in almost 15 mins..

My last resort is going back to the OME which i hear doesnt even get updated anymore. Sigh... 

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I play on EME on my new Android Phone (Oneplus 2, 4G RAM) and it's pretty slow too. Don't understand why the iPhone is faster.
If I use OME in very fast mode and without highlights I get the same speed as iPhone EME with highlights in fast mode.

In Android EME, the highlights are lagging too. Are you experiencing this too ? 

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