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Career UK's Pack and Play YouTube series


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Hey guys!

I've been doing this series on YouTube for a bit and to post it on here as a Story aswell!

I wont be just posting the videos, but also little teasers aswell going forward as I do more of them. 

The main idea is simple.

Basically what I do is make a MyClub team of 11 average players in the Liga BBVA and every time I play a LEAGUE game I get coins! 25,000 for a win and 10,000 for a draw.

I then use www.futwatch.com to open packs to get more players.

There is a few packs I can buy but theres 3 main ones which are: 25k Pack, 50k Pack, 100k Pack

Now, in a 25k Pack I get ONE player which is the highest rated player in that pack.

In a 50k Pack I get TWO players which are again the highest rated players in that pack.

And its the same for 100k packs but I get the FOUR highest rated players in that pack.

I started by opening a 100k pack and taking the highest rated player in that pack to start with……


……That player was Thiago Motta…… 








But anyway chaps heres the introduction to the series in a short video


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