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Help "...doesn't believe the club can meet his demands."


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I'm on my 4th year of managing city and I'm having trouble renewing Kompany's contract.
When I try to offer him a new contract it just says "Vincent Kompany doesn't believe the club can meet his demands." and he rejects every offer, big or small.
It seems very bugged and I have no clue what to do.

Does anyone else have this problem?



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how far is he from expiring his contract? players demands usually go lower in march, april etc. (I suppose if City can't afford his wages, he won't be snapped up by any other club)

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4th season - Id sell him. As the famous saying goes - "let him lose his legs in another club". Also known as if he is ungrateful and old, then offload him before he loses all his value

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I had this problem when I was doing the 1k challenge with Liverpool last year. No matter what I did I couldn't get my 32 year old to sign a new contract. He was on something like 850 goals at the time and I was going crazy thinking all my effort had been for nothing. In the end he left on a free.

I signed him on a free 2 days later at very reduced wages and he went on to score his 1000th goal for me at Liverpool a couple of seasons later.

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