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Installing File Using Bluestacks on Windows


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Just wondering if there was anybody who could help me with installing the Wonderkids Database (that I've already downloaded and unzipped) using Bluestacks on Windows? I'm having trouble finding any of the FMM2016 files. Cheers

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It's all legitimate - Bluestacks runs through my Google account and uses Google Play, where I purchased and downloaded FMM. Imagine an android phone but just on your laptop!

P.S. I use Bluestacks as my Android phone is a (barely working) Galaxy S2 which couldn't even begin to comprehend how to run FMM2016.

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Solved - for anybody having the same problem:

Save unzipped file to Users > Public > Public Pictures on your PC/laptop.

Download ES File Explorer onto Bluestacks (all instructions from here on in use ES File Explorer in the Bluestacks emulator - don't use Windows file explorer)

Next use the search button in ES File Explorer to find Public Pictures and the unzipped file will be there.

Hold left click on unzipped file until the option to "copy" appears in the bottom left.

Use ES File Explorer and search "fmh2016" and double click.

Double click on the "data" file.

Double click on "database" file and there will be a "paste" option in the bottom left.

This is all completely legitimate and I have paid for the game and the file explorer is free. This will work for any file you want to alter/replace, just alter the last two instructions to your needs.

I hope this helps anybody facing the same problem as me!



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