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Trying to persuade a club legend to sign a new deal...


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I'm currently around 15 years into a Liverpool save, not long in I came across a player who I assumed to be a Ronaldinho regen. He's been at my club for about 12 seasons and has consistently reached a 7.50 AR and a few times has achieved higher than 8.0 AR and he has won 8 or 9 player of the year awards. 

He is currently 35 years old and is happy to stay at the club, however, he has not planned his retirement and will not sign a contract no matter what and refuses to take a coaching position. Does anybody have any idea how to persuade him to stay until his retirement?




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11 minutes ago, Dec said:

Is he getting a lot of game time?

I'd say so, he's made between 40-60 apps each season and is currently on about 20 apps at the halfway point this season.

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I had the same problem with David Silva (2019-2020) when I joined Manchester City from another club. He had some good stats for an old player but no matter what I did, he did not want to sign a new contract. He was a first team regular with wages of 150k. I had been experimenting with Finances in that time and what I did was increased my wage budget to maximum (Transfer budget from 110m to 0), in hopes he would sign a new contract. I went to his profile and he still did not want to sign a new contract. After a bit experimenting with budgets, I got him to agree to sign a new contract.

Turns out maximizing you wage budget does not maximize your Max Wage level. You have to find the right mix between Transfer and Wage budget for the maximum max wage available (adjust budget, go back and see if max wage increases/decreases). For me it was keeping around 30m in transfer budget to get a max wage budget of 325k/week. I go to his profile again and hola! The damn guy wants wages of up to 350k/week. I ended up giving him a free transfer (wage too high, had better talents to replace him).

If he is happy to stay at the club and won't sign a new contract, it is most definitely that he expects salaries that your club cannot provide.

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I had the same issue with Jose Gaya. Like Silva above, Gaya was on £140k a week but wanted 350k, but the max I could get was 300k.  I offered him as much as I could, with differing lengths of contract, but he turned me down every time.  He was supposed to be happy at the club,  although he did have a strained relationship with Can, and I played him every week for 10 years.  The man was an assist machine, and the best 24 million I ever spent.

He ended up leaving me and going to Middlesbrough on £42,000 a week.

It just doesn't make sense.  If he'd went to the US, middle east, or China for megabucks in wages, I wouldn't have minded so much, but Middlesbrough...





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