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Career Story of me and my Brother


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I love this Game so much! Me and my brother play this game all the time. He played the Carrer multiple times until the end. I mostly until now played until season 3-5 and then the game was not anymore in my head. But thank god it's not anymore like this. I'm still Playing Olypmique Lyonnais since the game came out and didn't start any other carrer. the funny thing is, my brother plays FMM 2016 like a junky but i'm still always allot better then him haha. I really don't know why this is like that. He loves to started ab Carrer at a low League and mostly brings them all up the the highest league and try's to win the Champions Legaue, in about 7-15 Seasons. I never yet have come so far in any of the 6 Installments that i have played

We are playing FMH or now better could FMM since 2010.


Love to you all!!

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