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Tactics Successful Manchester United tactic (4-4-2)


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Hi all. New to FMM and the site, but thought I'd share a tactic I've had decent success with recently. Fell upon it towards the end of my second season and haven't looked back since. For me, United should always play a direct, attacking 4-4-2 (1999 anyone?), and hopefully this tactic illustrates that. (All on Enhanced Match Engine.)

Screenshots of Player Roles and Team Instructions below, as well as Season Histories:












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This tactic works for shure! Won the PL, Capital One Cup and lost in the CL finals with this tactic. PLayed with Man Utd without any new signings.

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@Jack.Holt hey there! I have tried your tactic with Manchester United after the latest update in March, it was decent during the friendlies but when it came to the BPL, almost every team had trounced mine =/ I apologise firstly as I do not have screenshots saved, but I did follow your set up diligently and to no avail. I was wondering if you have started another save after the update and see it's still working well for you? =) *I absolutely love the 4-4-2 formation with wingers bombing the flanks, so I'm eager to make this work heh :)

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