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Tactics What i understand about 4-4-2 (Attacking 4-4-2 on EME)


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First sorry for my english...

Second let's begin with some credits, this tactic/giude is heavily inspired by some other guys of this community and i don't think this is MY tactic but just a summary of other ideas.

Thanks to:

Taff for Tafftastic 442 Attacking; AndersJ for TheAttackOfTalisca and Jack.Holt for Successful Manchester United tactic

Defensive line

in my opinion the best solution comes from Jack.Holt. WB CD CD FB is very consistent. The WB must be at the same side of IF for more attacking support and to the other side FB makes a good coverage work (maybe is only my immagination but, with this set up, i see the FB making a lot of diagonal movements in 2d animation).

Midfielders line (centre)

Here is situational. Both BBM DLP and BBM APM are very good. In my experience if the opponent go with 4411, 451 or other formation with a central attacking midfielder i take DLP for more cover, otherwise APM is the best. Opponent change fomation often during game so is important micro management!!! In this position i use players like Milan Badelj from Fiorentina and i change role bethween DLP and APM.

Midfielders line (wings)

Nothing to say here IF and W are best. Like Taff says is possible to change the position of IF and W, just remeber to change all the others roles like in front of a mirror.


Was hard here... i prefer AF and P and i start always like that. When i see my atteckers in difficulty sometimes i take P and TM


Now Instructions

A balanced solution works almost always (thanks to Taff)


To be more defensive turn on counter attack

To go on smaller team use this (thanks to Jack.Holt)


In my 1st season with Fiorentina i win Serie A and Euro Cup. 2nd season in progress and i win Italian SuperCup and European SuperCup


Thanks again to Taff (Tafftastic 442 Attacking) AndersJ (TheAttackOfTalisca) and Jack.Holt  (Successful Manchester United tactic)

Test it and let me know if works for you.

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10 hours ago, Jason Cooper said:
10 hours ago, Jason Cooper said:

Hi mate do you have to play roles what players are suited to or can you play a strong poacher as a target man


Is not an easy answer... to make it simple yes i use Babacar and Embolo (both poachers) as TM and they do well. To make it harder look the 2d animation. If you have a P and TM the first is more close to midfield so you want a standard TM with high strenght and aerial ecc. But if you choose AF and TM the second is more close to midfileld and tend to make assist more to score, so is best to have high teamwork and passing.

EDIT some pictures for exemple

Here Kane TM and Son AF.  Kane (nr. 10)  start more close to midfielders


And here Kane TM and Son P. Son come to take ball from midfield line, and Kane (nr. 10) stay in attacking position


AF and TM helps link play between TM and IF; P and TM helps link play between P and IF

end EDIT

In the end don't look the suggested role for the player look statistics and what he do on the field. For exemple have you tried Eriksen (APM) in the IF position? You will be suprised how much is good. But if you use it in the center midfield (where we have just 2 players) in "his" APM position, with 5 tackling and 5 positioning you will have defensive problems.

In my opinion FMM16 is not more a "push play and forget game" requires micro management during game and the new engine is complex. I always play slow with extended animation and i try to look how my players moves on the field and react to role changing.

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23 hours ago, RICfmhvibe said:
On 26/2/2016 at 01:59, rseven said:

How about use WM at AMR postion?

I will try it with my new Spurs save and report

Hi, i have done some test but i don't have nothing interesting to say here. No appreciable improvements in attacking, defense or ball possession, and the WM is not much involved in the game.

And because using APM in the AMR position blocks the IF cuts, the only combination useful seems to be IF and W

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13 hours ago, Jason Cooper said:

Thanks this is great helps

Thanks to you Jason. By the way I'm testing the combination P and CF in a new attacking 442 tactic, and results are very promising. Test it if you want and report.

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8 hours ago, Tomwalker2286 said:

Dear all on this thread,


Any advice with altering the training schedule to suit this strategy?

Hi Tom and thanks a lot.

In the beginning of the season i use Dec intensive training and during the season i switch to this

GK schedule: fitness medium, tactics medium, attacking none, goalkeeping intensive, defensive none, motivational medium

DEF schedule for DC DR DL: fitness medium, tactics medium, attacking medium, goalkeeping none, defensive intesnsive, motivational medium

TEC schedule for DMC CM DLP BBM APM: fitness medium, tactics intensive, attacking medium, goalkeeping none, defensive medium, motivational medium

ATT schedule for W IF P TM ecc. fitness medium, tactics medium, attacking intensive, goalkeeping none, defensive medium, motivational medium

GENERAL for over 32yrs players or unhappy players all medium and GK none


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  Im tottenham doing great I use kane as target man and hes amazing and have Perez as poacher.  Also mason is good winger and bbm lamala is quality inside forward. None of my players are set as bbm does that matter

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I think is time to upgrade the tactic... Before you say I know is not a complete season but I'm posting it now for some reasons:

1st results are amazing!!!

2nd I want other people try it with other teams and leagues, because I'm curious to know if is just a lucky save (to be honest 2 lucky saves) or not.

3rd I used this tactic with Spurs and Fiorentina and i really don't have time to test it with other teams.

The tactic have 2 versions: the more offensive:




Here some matches:Screenshot_2016-02-28-19-03-42.thumb.png


And now the more defensive i used against big teams



And here...



In the end...Screenshot_2016-02-28-19-03-56.thumb.png



I will try to finish this season as soon as I can!!!



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Been looking at this thread and want to use this for my Man city team. Both the earlier version and this updated version look perfect for city, probably the 1st one more so. Which one do you recommend?

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