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Yaya Vs Lallana - 12 Rounds In The Ring

Yaya Vs Lallana
12 Rounds In The Ring

The Capital One Cup was held yesterday with Manchester City beating Liverpool on penalties to claim the coveted prize, however one of the many talking points from the game was a brief scuffle between Yaya Toure and Adam Lallana. The atmosphere and importance of the match had the players high on adrenaline so when Yaya Toure caught Liverpool's midfielder with a potentially leg breaking tackle it was to no one's surprise that the plucky Englishman lost his cool and reacted angrily but the aggression Lallana showed vs an intimidating foe like Yaya surprised many. While this sort of reaction can't be tolerated even though it is justified the fans couldn't resist discussing who would have won the fight if the rest of the players hadn't broken the two up. It seems like a David vs Goliath match due to the size of Yaya Toure but what does FMM think?

Using the stats FMM provides i shall be discussing some of the more "fighter" like stats from the game to discuss each player's pros and cons within this fight. It is worth keeping in mind however that this is purely for fun and shouldn't be taken seriously in the slightest, although it should be an entertaining read and a new way for you guys to enjoy and use what FMM has to offer. I should also point out i will be looking at some of the players hidden stats so if that's a turnoff for you i'd advise walking away now, with that in mind i'd also like to thank Jay for his save game editor

Disclaimer: I have little interest or knowledge in fighting as a sport so i'm somewhat making this up as i go along but in a reasonable manner. See this more as wrestling than boxing, it's purely for entertainment purposes.

To do this article i've created a list of 12 stats to compare between the two players and i can ensure you it'll last the distance! 

Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!
Ding Ding!

Round One

Yaya - 15
Lallana - 17

You can have all the power in the world but you also need to have the technique to make the punches hurt and land, a well placed direct hit can do just as much damage as an all out power punch but knowing how and where to punch is some advantage. Thankfully both of our players have fantastic technique but Lallana comes out on top with a 17 ranking so the Englishman takes round one. 

Round Two

Yaya - 12
Lallana - 9

Aggression is seen the same way in fighting as it is in football as too little makes you a pushover while too much makes you careless and dangerous. For this experiment i'm going to take aggression as a good thing however, especially as Yaya has a solid amount where he's in the middle of the ranking system which gives him just the right amount to be dangerous while being safe. 

Round Three

Yaya - 14
Lallana - 16

Football is all about knowing when to attack, when to defend, when to pass and so on and this translates well to fighting as you need to know when to go on the defensive or when to go for the throat. Both fighters seem to be able to make good decisions but the Englishman seems to have more of a brain on him as he just edges in front. 

Round Four

Yaya - 18
Lallana - 17

Knowing when and how to move can be the difference between winning and losing as being able to stay out of the oppositions way can only be an advantage while it could also lead to openings for yourself to land blows. For his size Yaya has fantastic movement as he just manages to wiggle past the Liverpool midfielder to tie things up 2-2 after round four! 

Round Five

Yaya - 11
Lallana - 16

Having good movement however is useless if you can't do it at speed and Lallana runs away with this category as his fantastic 16 stat means he has the balance and speed to move much easier than the Ivorian, the nibble playmaker is once again in the lead! Lallana has the stats to dance around the powerful City player avoiding hits as they rain in but we have another seven categories to look at before deciding a winner!

Round Six

Yaya - 14
Lallana - 11

Yaya is known as a lazy player but in this battle he shows he has the energy to keep going and those three extra points should mean he can outlast Lallana. Yaya Toure can leave Lallana to waste his energy while waiting to deliver the knockout punch! Going off topic slightly i have to admit i was shocked to see Lallana's stamina so low, granted he doesn't last ninety minutes all that often in games but he works his socks off while on the pitch and does more pressing than anyone. I guess his other stats must make him work hard enough to make up for this, anyway back on topic. 

Round Seven

Yaya - 20
Lallana - 11

The powerhouse that is Yaya Toure runs away with round seven as he hits almost twice as hard as Lallana! Toure would only need a couple of direct hits to squash the busy forward while Lallana would need to land repeated blows to even match the African's power! A very one sided round as Yaya Toure takes two on the bounce! 

Round Eight

Yaya - 15
Lallana - 7

I never said this had to be a fair fight and with both players having low sportsmanship stats (10) things could easily turn a little dirty! It would take a fair bit of effort for Lallana to connect a damaging headbut to his oppenent which is reflected in his ranking of 7/20. Toure however would have a much easier task of landing a really damaging blow and with a ranking of 15/20 the damage could be match ending! Yaya completes a hat trick as we progress to round nine. 

Round Nine

Yaya - 15
Lallana - 16

With the fight having the possibility of getting dirty the versatility of the players is worth looking at as the one which can react the best and be more resourceful could be crowned the winner.  Yaya Toure's 15 stat shows he can handle himself in many a situation but Lallana just edges him out with a creative counter attack to take the round. Yaya had the Englishman on the ropes but is he about to mount a comeback?

Round Ten
Work Rate

Yaya - 8
Lallana - 15

Lallana takes another round as his work ethic earns him another point! The Ivorian is known for being lazy and not working hard but the hard working attitude of Lallana shows him as the workhorse that he is. Lallana will work tirelessly for the victory in training and in the match which just could be the difference at the end! 

Round Eleven

Yaya - 18
Lallana - 13

Although Yaya seems determined to win this fight as he fights back out of his corner with a massive 18 out of 20! Yaya might have some issues but the African is as determined as they come and when he has mind set on something he will achieve it, the question is is his target set on Lallana or not? Lallana comes across as the workhorse who would never give up but his determination stat leaves a little to be desired, could taking his eye off the prize lead to him being defeated?

The Final Round

Yaya - 18
Lallana - 12

The pressure of being in a fight must be unreal, maybe even surpassing that of the pressure on the pitch as your life could actually be in danger but which player would handle this better? Unfortunately for Lallana he buckles when the pressures on so with a powerhouse like Yaya charging towards him could he handle it? The one thing we do know however is that nothing will faze our African machine as he'll just absorb the pressure and eat it for dinner. 

Ding Ding

Both players remain on their feet so it's time to go to the judges for their verdict. 

The Judges Scores

Yaya - 7/12
Lallana - 5/12


The Capital One 
World Heavy Weight Champion Of The World Is.........

Yaya Toure!

Thank you for reading and i hope you found this article to be a fun, unique and different interpretation to the stats that FMM bring to our lives. As always i'd love to hear your views and opinions so make sure you leave a comment. Do you think Yaya would win? Who could stake a challenge to his throne? Please do get involved and let's start a discussion, who knows if this does well i might turn it into something bigger. 

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Yaya Vs Lallana  

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  1. 1. Who Would Win?

    • Yaya Toure
    • Adam Lallana

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1 hour ago, Dec said:

This made me chuckle way more than it should have, thanks Ash and brilliant work.

Good to know :D. I had the idea ages ago when Rooney got sparked out but the stats were too much of a landslide to make work lol. 

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1 hour ago, UKFootballScore said:

Haha I enjoyed that mate was a great read! Something a little different which was nice :-)

Cheers mate :) 

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