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Since registering for the site I have downloaded some pretty cool stuff, like the kits for the tactic page etc...  so I was just wondering is it possible to edit the playing position name, so like changing Poacher to Penalty Box, just wanted to update some of the roles to match those in the main FM game, so Second Striker etc instead of the old names...

Cheers Ed


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Yeah so I kinda wanted to rename some, just curiosity really, so would probably changed Treq to a False 9 etc, just wondered if that stuff was editable...  things like the kits for the tactic page, font change, badges etc really improve the game for me, so was just curious.



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I am not really sure, could be via Hex but I wouldn't as the names picked are the ones that are globally used. False 9 isn't really a correct term for the trequartista as he moves to the wings not just drops deep. False 9 is more of a tactical style using multiple roles.

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