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Changes.txt in FMM16


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Hi all - has anyone managed to make a changes.txt file work in FMM16? There is an and_changes.txt file in the data folder but adding the standard text there doesn't seem to work.


Specifically, I am trying to swap Boca and Sevilla in the excellent World League one of you awesome people made, if that helps? I'm using the below text, in case there's a mistake there.

"CLUB" "Boca" "England" "" "" "" "World Champions League"
"CLUB" "Sevilla" "England" "" "" "" "World League 1"

I've also tried "Boca Juniors" and "Sevilla FC" to no avail.


Thanks in advance, and thanks to Dec and you all for making this an excellent site - I haven't posted in here but have been sticking a few quid in whenever I can as the site has been great over the past few years.

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You need to use the clubs' full name and it is called changes.txt not and_changes. I would advise doing club changes before league name changes too.

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